Welcome to the University Writing Center!


The UAB Writing Center can help you with any kind of writing and at any stage of the process. Whether you need help brainstorming ideas for your history paper, revising your personal statement, or editing your lab report, we are here for you. Our services are free for all UAB students!

All UAB students can use our services.

Tutoring Sessions

  • During in-person tutoring, you meet with a tutor in Sterne Library. You can bring a print copy of your paper for your tutor to mark on OR plan to open the paper on your laptop/tablet. You may also upload your paper before your session so your tutor has it ready to open.
  • In face-to-face virtual tutoring, you meet with a tutor via Zoom. During your session, you can also upload your paper or other documents to the whiteboard so that you and your tutor can collaboratively make edits, revisions, and comments as you meet.
  • In eTutoring, you upload a paper when you schedule an appointment. A tutor will write comments on your paper during the appointment time. You do not need to be present. When the tutor has finished looking at your paper, you will receive an email with your paper attached. You can also log in to our online system at your convenience to download your paper with comments. Please note that you must have a draft to use eTutoring.
  • We offer 25-minute and 50-minute tutoring sessions. Students may have two sessions per week. Students are limited to 50 minutes (two short sessions or one long one) during the last three weeks of classes and at other busy times.
  • Your appointment will be canceled if you arrive more than 10 minutes late. Students who miss two sessions are prevented from making future appointments until they meet with the UWC Director. To avoid this, just cancel your appointment at least 30 minutes in advance.

Workshop Schedule