As your student begins to embrace a new University and explore ways to connect interpersonally with other students through organizational involvement and leadership roles, encourage them to enhance their UAB experience through Engage. Engage is the official UAB online community for connecting students to meaningful involvement opportunities. From freshman year until graduation, students can use Engage to learn about upcoming UAB events, create student organizations, connect with existing organizations (UAB has around 250 organizations!), and discover opportunities tailored to interests. Students can access Engage by visiting You can check it out, too! While students will have more opportunities to interact with the online community by logging in, Engage does have a public view, as well. You can see upcoming events and news post that are relevant for your UAB student! For questions regarding Engage, please direct your student to The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership located in the Hill Student Center 230. Students can walk-in to meet with a UAB Pathfinder, a peer mentorship program, which will assist them with navigating Engage and exploring available engagement opportunities.

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Blazers Serve: Sign Your Student’s Waiver

“We cultivate progress, strive for excellence through innovation and service.” This statement is from the Blazer Way, the UAB Creed. At UAB, Blazers serve. It is a part of the University’s mission and a powerful part of the student experience. A traditional UAB service event is Into the Streets. Into the Streets is a bi-annual program sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership designed to connect UAB students to the Birmingham community through a day of service. Each fall and spring semester, UAB students come together to help the university accomplish its mission of encouraging partnerships that improve education, health, economic prosperity and quality of life. In order for students to participate, the University requires completion of an event waiver. However, in the state of Alabama, the legal age of consent is 19 years old. This becomes problematic for new students wanting to serve. In an effort to support students’ eagerness to serve, regardless of age, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to pre-sign your student’s Into the Streets Waiver. Please click here to access the waiver. The waiver should be signed and submitted using the Waiver Submission Form. Waivers must be signed and submitted by October 5, 2018 at 12:00p.m.

Waiver Link
Waiver Submission Form

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Second Year Experience (SYE) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is designed to support and empower second year students to become more involved and engaged with the UAB campus community, enhance their academic and professional success, engage with faculty, and develop a personal identity and purpose. During the second year of college, students begin to take on added responsibilities and make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. It is during the second year that students struggle with major selection, academic self-efficacy, career development, faculty connections, motivation, financial viability, social integration/involvement, and developing purpose/identity.

SYE @ UAB seeks to assist second-year students as they navigate this pivotal year in their college career by offering a variety of resources, events, and opportunities. SYE serves all students (both on-campus and off-campus) who identify in their second year either in college or at UAB. The SYE office is located in the Upper-Level RLC off Blazer Hall. Paton Roden is the SYE Coordinator and is a Birmingham, AL native returning after spending 8 years learning how to best serve students. All second-year students are welcome to attend SYE Events (full schedule on our website) and to reach out to Paton to set up an appointment to learn how to get more involved (


  • Follow us on Instagram: @UAB_SYE and go to our website –
  • Email us with any questions:
  • 1st Event of the Year: Welcome Back Bash/ Thursday, August 30, 2018
    • Come out for free food and to learn about resources here for you as second-year students! Meet the academic colleges, offices and people here to serve you!
    • Hill Student Center | Ballroom A/B from 11:00AM - 1:00PM

SYE Engagement activities include:

  • SYE Street Team: The Second-year Experience Street Team assists in the marketing and promotion of SYE programs, activities, and events to second-year students at UAB. Much of the success of our events can be attributed to word of mouth; therefore, students are essential in helping to advertise the programmatic offerings of the Second-Year Experience office to second-year students. This year, 17 students meet bi-weekly as a group and monthly as a one-on-one with the SYE Coordinator to continuously develop and best serve the needs of the department.  
  • SYE Council: The Second-year Experience Council represents and serves as the voice of all second-year students at UAB. Council members make recommendations and act as a liaison to the Second-Year Experience office; this includes advocating for student needs and providing feedback on a regular basis. Additionally, the SYE Council assists in the development and execution of SYE programs, activities, and events throughout the academic year. This year, 11 student meet bi-weekly as a group and monthly as a one-on-one with the SYE Coordinator to continuously develop and best serve the needs of the class.
  • SYE Global Learning Initiative: The Second-year Global Learning Initiative is designed to provide UAB second-year undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain experience enacting techniques and concepts in a global workforce. Created and implemented as a partnership between Residence Life and Career & Professional Development, a team of 5-7 UAB students and a team of students from The University of the Free State in South Africa will work on a relevant and timely global social problem. Focusing on the political climates in both countries and how those climates impact higher education, as a result of participating in the program student participants will: explore each other’s culture and teach it to one another, analyse and prepare a report on teamwork, and report out on the identified problem and how to solve it.
  • SYE Mentoring Initiative: The primary focus of the SYE mentoring initiative is to support second-year students as they matriculate into their second-year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Supporting second-year students on their road to independence and personal growth is essential. The purpose of this program is to empower students to seek assistance and to understand better the intricacies of being a second-year college student. Second-Year students who feel more connected to campus resources are much more likely to successfully transition and eventually graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Family members up until this point you have had the right to access all of your student’s school records and communicate with school personal to ensure your student maintains satisfactory academic achievement and appropriate conduct. Now that your student in entering a post-secondary institution, those rights have now been transferred to the student. UAB understands your desire as a family member to continue “stay in the loop” with what’s going on with your student while they are in college. Although the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the University from divulging student information to anyone other than the student, family members can still gain access to vital information through the Parent/Guest Access.

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Through the Parent/Guest Access, your student can grant up to five individuals access to their UAB records.This access will grant you permission to view what is considered Non-Directory Information. This information includes:

  • Student’s ID Picture
  • Current Class Schedule
  • Courses Taken
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Final Semester Grades
  • View Current Charges (can also make payments towards student’s account)
  • View Estimated Charges for Upcoming Term
  • Financial Aid Awards

To gain Parent/Guest Access have your student log into and select the Links/Forms tab. Under the Links column, click Parent/Guest Authorization Agreement. The student will enter your email address then create your unique password to grant you access. If a family member wishes to have access to other records such as medical, certain disciplinary actions, etc.,individual departments would need to be contacted by the student to determine if access can be granted. Parent/Guest Access must be renewed annually by the student.

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Welcome home Blazers!

The start of freshmen year can be an exciting yet scary time for students and family members. To help students integrate into the UAB campus and community, the Division of Student Affairs will host Blazer Welcome. Blazer Welcome is a six-week programing series to help new students get acclimated and connected to campus. Blazer Welcome is designed to assist new students in their transition to UAB by offering programs and opportunities that covers a multitude of topics and activities. The first 6 weeks of college is an imperative time for students to find their niche and become engaged with all campus has to offer.

Throughout Blazer Welcome different departments and organizations across campus will host events that are free to students. All events that take place during Blazer Welcome will target at least one of five specific areas such as: academic engagement, civic engagement, campus connections, healthy living, and diversity and inclusion. UAB understands the transition to college and being in a new environment can be an overwhelming experience for some students. While transitioning to college life can be a stressful experience for students, Blazer Welcome aims to provide students with the support and resources they need to be successful at UAB.

Faculty and staff are well versed in the programs and offerings provided throughout Blazer Welcome and will be able to assist in guiding your student through their first six weeks. Feeling homesick, isolated, and anxious can be an overwhelming feeling not only for the student but overwhelming for the parent as well.  Blazer Welcome hopes to combat those feelings through all the opportunities, but also through Student Affairs’ Pathfinder program. Pathfinders are peer involvement mentors that have been in the student's shoes. They know what it is like to be a new student on campus and hope to be a resource for new students. Pathfinders are a diverse group of students that range in classification and majors that will allow new students to connect and provide peer to peer encouragement.

All events are optional, and students can choose which events they would like to participate in. A comprehensive schedule of events, campus map and campus resources can all be found on the Blazer Welcome website ( as well as on the UAB mobile application available in the App Store and Google Play.


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