Student Conduct & Outreach director, Jonathan Adams and Assistant director, Jeffrey Bates co-authored chapters of the book “Student Conduct Practice: A Complete 

SCO PracticeGuide for Student Affairs Professionals.” The book was released in February at the Association for Student Contact Administrators National Conference in Washington, D.C.

This book is an update to the first edition, which was released in 2008. Stylus Publishing says that “since the publication of the first edition of Student Conduct Practice in 2008, the landscape of student conduct has matured and shifted dramatically.” Jonathan Adams also notes in relation to changing times, “the landscapes of our colleges and universities are ever-evolving as political, cultural, and social environments influence our practices. This work provides an understanding of the profession of student conduct and the changing best practices with the profession and demographics of those whom we serve as student conduct educators – our students.”

The authors explore topics such as ethics and decision making, threat assessment and behavioral interventions, and the “head and heart” concerns in the work of student conduct administration. Adams says, “chapters like ethics and decision making provide student conduct educators and institutional leaders insight into how we challenge and support our students in understanding who they, who they want to become, and their role in the broader community. Better understanding threat assessment and behavioral interventions provide educators the tools necessary to support students as they navigate their own identity development and coping strategies while creating strategies to promote safe and secure learning environments in which students can succeed.”

“Student Conduct Practice: A Complete Guide for Student Affairs Professionals” can be purchased on the Stylus Publishing website, Amazon, and other digital outlets.