Mission statement

Mission Statement

Student Conduct is responsible for upholding the integrity and purpose of the university through the fair and consistent application of policies and procedures to students’ behavior to ensure a community that respects the dignity and right of all persons to reach their highest potential. Through a student-focused and learning-centered lens, we utilize a comprehensive approach to informal and formal options to uphold community standards, foster personal growth and development of life skills, and promote a civil learning environment.


Student Conduct plays a key role in educating students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders about community expectations and values. We envision a safe, learning-centered, civil and inclusive environment where all members are significantly invested in personal and collective excellence for the betterment of self, others, and community.



UAB students exemplify honesty, honor and a respect for the truth in all of their dealings.


UAB students build and enhance their community.

Social Justice:

UAB students are just and equitable in their treatment of all members of the community and act to discourage and/or intervene to prevent unjust and inequitable behaviors.

Respect and Civility:

UAB students show positive regard for each other, for property and for the community. Students will conduct themselves and treat others in a polite, reasonable and respectful manner.


UAB students are given and accept a high level of responsibility to self, to others and to the community.