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by Dylan Fisher (Intern, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications)


On Oct. 26, UAB’s University Recreation (URec) hosted their signature event, Recstravaganza, alongside the second annual Rubber Duck Race! From dance to yoga to conquering the Golden Route, 255 participants explored URec’s offerings. 

The event featured an array of exciting activities such as real-life Mario Kart, the challenging climbing wall, and a dance class featuring popular Halloween songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the theme song from Ghostbusters. Students, who completed their punch cards, were rewarded with an event T-shirt and refreshments. Numerous campus organizations, including the Collegiate Recovery Community and Student Health Services, were present to promote wellness programming and other departmental offerings.

To wrap up the event, attendees made their way down to the aquatics center to register their trusty ducks for the second annual rubber duck race. 39 rubber ducks, representing various campus organizations, competed in three heats along URec's lazy river. Team members gathered alongside the perimeter of the pool to cheer on as their themed ducks floated to the finish line. The top three ducks advanced to the final race, vying for the enormous golden duck trophy. 

Emerging victorious this year was Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), a group dedicated to students aspiring to pursue careers in the healthcare industry. “It feels good to win during our senior year and I’m excited to be here to represent AED,” said David Hantouche, a biomedical sciences student and member of AED.

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