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Aura Literary Arts Review

Aura Literary Arts Review is an award-winning creative literary magazine that is published through the Student Media division of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The publication is led and run by UAB students from various departments including English, communications, world languages, computer science, biology, and more.

Our goal is to promote creative artists and give them the recognition they deserve. We also seek to provide opportunities for growth and learning for artists. We host events throughout the school year, feature artists’ work online, and release a literary magazine each fall and spring semester.

The pieces in our magazine are produced by UAB students, faculty, and staff as well as Birmingham artists and artists around the country. We accept entries of the following types: art, essay, music lyrics, photography, play script ,poetry, and short story (fiction and non-fiction).

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Aura Literary Arts Review is a student literary arts journal produced by students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Aura’s Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Pacemaker winner 2006
  • CPSA Silver Crown 2005-2006-2007

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