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Aura Literary Arts Review and Real Life Poets are hosting their 3rd annual Spoken Truth Poetry Festival. This Festival includes workshops, Aura's Spring Magazine Launch, and a high school and college Poetry Slam Competition. Winner of the college slam will win 150$! Workshops and event timeline are as followed

12:30pm- Registration begins

1pm- Workshops begin

1-3pm- Zine Workshop

1-1:45pm- How to be a Published Author

1-2pm- Do’s and Don’ts of Podcast

1:30-2:30pm- What Great Writer Know

2-3pm- Art of Performing

3-3:20pm- Food will be served

3-4pm- Aura Spring Launch

4-6pm- Poetry Slam

Your Lullaby

The first time I held you, I started humming tunes,
Trying to find one that fit;
One that felt right.
I find the start of one, but it’s minor and melancholy -
Not lullaby material.
I feel another.
Yes, that’s it.
As I hold you each day, I hum the tune,
Letting the melody go in whatever direction feels right.
Slowly, your song is being written.
Then you’re gone.
When I can, I hum again.
Your song.

Beauty Seeker

Once again I sit in the shattered pieces
of my broken heart

Like shards of glass each cut and
break, deeper and more irreparable
than the last

I try to find myself in the pieces like
looking for a reflection in slivers of a
broken mirror

I’m losing myself more and more with
each tragic break