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Blazer Catering Co. provides onsite solutions for a broad scope of catered events in support of UAB's various administrative, athletic and student organizations.

  • The UAB Campus Dining and Blazer Catering Co. offices are located on the 1st floor of the Student Center in room 125. Standard operating hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Staff is available during operating hours to answer any questions regarding your catering needs and may be reached by phone at 205-996-6565 or via email at catering@uab.edu.

    The following policies and guidelines apply to all University departments, divisions, schools, colleges, units, faculty, staff, students and any external entities utilizing space within the Hill Student Center.

    • General Policy

      UAB Campus Dining is the exclusive caterer for the Hill Student Center. Bringing any food or beverage into the facility from outside sources is strictly prohibited for events of any size or scope. Any reservations within Hill Student Center in which catering is involved will not be confirmed until a catering contract is completed. This policy applies to all offices or departments located within Hill Student Center. Food or beverage may not be served within offices or departments which is not provided by Campus Dining. This includes events, luncheons, meetings, etc.

      UAB Campus Dining’s complete catering policies may be viewed at www.uab.edu/students/dining/catering

      Reservation Process for Catered Events

      1. Any group holding an event in the Hill Student Center and planning to serve food and/or beverages of any type must indicate such on space reservation request.
      2. All food and/or beverage service must be arranged through UAB Campus Dining.
      3. Groups should consult a catering menu to determine their needs/budget. This should be planned carefully, adhering to all catering policies with respect to minimum group size, changes/cancellations, menu, and proper notices.
    • Violations to Catering Policy
      1. First Offense: A warning email will be sent to the reserving group and their department head/advisor informing them of the violation and reaffirming the Hill Student Center catering policy.
      2. Second Offense: A meeting will be held with the reserving group and their department head/advisor to discuss policy violations and review all catering policies. A group representative will be required to sign a copy of the catering policy acknowledging they will incur disciplinary fines for any future violations.
      3. Third Offense: A disciplinary fine of $100 will be assessed to the reserving group. Additionally groups will forfeit their right to reserve space within Hill Student Center.
    • Catering Exceptions

      As the exclusive provider of all food and beverage within Hill Student Center, Campus Dining reserves the “first right of refusal “prohibiting catering being provided by any outside entity without permission from the Director of Catering. In the unlikely event that Campus Dining cannot accommodate the catering needs of a group or organization reserving space within Hill Student Center, a catering exception may be requested utilizing the Catering Exception Form.

      Catering exceptions are rare and submission of a Catering Exception Form does not guarantee approval. Catering exception requests should be submitted a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to event.

      In the event a catering exception is approved, the reserving group must adhere to the following guidelines:

      1.   In the interest of public safety and health code regulations, only pre-packaged food and beverages will be allowed. No food warmers, crock-pots, or cooking appliances of any type will be permitted. Covered dish dinners are not permitted. Commercially prepared or catered food will not be allowed. The group must provide assurance for the following:

      a. proper cleanup
      b. proper presentation
      c. appropriate sanitary conditions
      d. signage indicating outside food sponsor

      2.   Proper cleanup is the sole responsibility of the reserving group. A cleaning fee of $35 per room will be assessed following the event when necessary. Proper cleanup includes the following:

      a. All cleanup must take place prior to the end time of the reservation. Time should be added to the reservation to accommodate any cleanup needs.
      b. Disposal of all trash in designated trash receptacles without causing the receptacles to overflow. Liquid items should either be removed from the building or disposed of neatly in a sink in the restroom.
      c. No dirty serving trays, plastic serving dishes/cups/utensils, etc., should be left in the meeting space. A dumpster for disposal of these items and extra trash is located in the loading dock area.
      d. All tables and chairs should be wiped clean.
      e. The group is responsible for reporting any spills on floors, damage to furniture or the facility to the building manager on duty before leaving.

      3.   Failure to comply with any catering exception guidelines may result in the reserving group being ineligible for future catering exceptions.

  • This policy applies to all university departments, divisions, schools, colleges, units, faculty, staff, students and any external entity utilizing space within the Hill Student Center. Blazer Catering Co. is the exclusive provider for all catering and alcohol service within the Hill Student Center. All procedures for service of alcoholic beverages will be strictly enforced by the Hill Student Center and Blazer Catering Co.

    For any private event, alcohol may be served only in accordance with this policy and the applicable state, municipal, federal laws and regulations, and University policies.

    Best practices are recommended, but not mandatory.

    • Definitions

      a) Alcohol- any alcoholic beverage, including beer, wine, liquor, and hard cider.
      b) Event- any conference, fundraising event, meal, meeting or other gathering (formal or informal) taking place within Hill Student Center.
      c) Private Event- an event where alcohol is served that is not open to the general public and has not been advertised as a public event.
      d) Lessee- any department, division, school, college, unit, faculty, staff, student or external entity reserving space within the Hill Student Center.

    • Alcohol Policy
      1. All state and local laws are in effect and will be enforced for service of alcoholic beverages at the Hill Student Center.
      2. Alcoholic beverages may be served during approved private events only and must remain within the space(s) rented- NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED OUTSIDE OF EVENT. Facility staff, lessee and alcohol provider shall be jointly responsible for enforcement.
      3. In the case where Hill Student Center or Blazer Catering Co. deems it necessary, lessee will be required to pay for an off-duty UAB PD officer to monitor event.
      4. Alcoholic beverages may only be served at events where food of substance is provided.
      5. Self-service of alcohol is prohibited. Persons attending the event may not pour their own alcohol or be given direct access to coolers, kegs, bottles, or containers containing alcohol.
      6. The Hill Student Center reserves the right to terminate the serving of alcohol at any time during the event.
    • Best Practices

      a. For events lasting more than three (3) hours, alcohol should not be served during the final hour of the event. For events lasting less than three (3) hours, alcohol service should end at least 30 minutes before the scheduled end of the event.
      b. Wrist bands, stamps or other means of identification should be used to distinguish persons whose age has been verified and are of legal age to consume alcohol.
      c. Tickets or other means to limit/monitor the number of alcoholic beverages consumed should be utilized by lessee. d. Information for alternative, safe means of travel should be provided to guests following the event.