Birmingham is quickly becoming a bike-centric city as more and more amateur and practiced bike riders take to the streets. With more cyclists on the roads, it’s important to support and educate bike riders and drivers alike about how to have fun and stay safe around bikes in Birmingham.

Benefits of Biking

UAB Bike Rack Rendering Biking has many benefits. It’s good exercise for your body and mind. Cycling is a low impact exercise that aids in joint mobility and protects from heart disease and diabetes.

Biking can also save you time and money. Cyclists can cruise through traffic and don’t need to worry about finding a parking spot, plus there’s no paying for gas, parking, and car insurance. Also, CommuteSmart offers financial incentives to alternative commuters like cyclists.

Biking is also good for the environment — unlike cars and buses, cycling creates no air pollution. More cyclists in Birmingham means cleaner air, less traffic, and fewer parking lots.

Bike Registration

While UAB doesn’t have a bike permitting requirement, registration is easy and free! Registering and personalizing your bike also connects you as the owner of your bike, which is important in case of theft or if your bike is deemed abandoned.

Students receive a free helmet and u lock with registration, available for pickup at the Parking and Transportation office. Registration can be completed online (permit stickers will be mailed), in person at UAB Parking and Transportation, or at one of the many tabling events throughout the year.

Bike Parking


All bikes must be secured to bike racks or within bike lockers. Per UAB’s bike policy, noncompliant bicycle parking will result in a ticket warning followed by impoundment on site with a University u-lock. Impounded bicycles may be recovered by contacting UAB Parking and Transportation, and must be registered at the time of collection before the bicycle is returned. Impounded bicycles are held in impoundment for 30 days, after which they may not be recovered.


Bicycles may not be transported through or stored within private offices in buildings that offer patient care (e.g., hospitals or clinics) except by UAB police. In all other buildings, transportation and storage of bicycles in private offices is acceptable. Please refer to the UAB Bike Map for patient care and non-patient care buildings. Bicycles must be carried while within buildings, as feasible, to reduce floor soiling.

Bicycles may not be stored in public spaces within any building, including entryways, stairwells, mechanical rooms, or storage closets. Individuals without private offices or who work within patient care buildings wishing to store bikes off-street should check the closest secure parking deck for bike rack availability.

Requests for new infrastructure or rack locations should be directed to UAB Sustainability,

How to Lock Your Bike

Securing bicycles using a u-lock around a closed section of the bicycle frame is strongly recommended. A cable lock is also recommended to secure both wheels, though the cable lock should always be a secondary lock as these are easily cut. Secure your frame and both tires for the most secure lock.

All bikes should be secured to bike racks.

Shower Facilities

Bicycle commuters can use shower facilities at University Recreation at the Early Bird rate of $22 per month.

Bike Repair

There a self service bike repair station on the Campus Green just outside the Blazer RLC and Commons for minor repairs and tire inflation.

The Blazer Bike Shop at the Campus Recreation Center offers repair services.

Report Bike Theft and Bike Accidents to UAB Police

  • Emergency: (205) 934-3535 or 911
  • Non-emergency: (205) 934-4434