• Options & Rates
    • A permit is required to park in all designated employee parking areas operated by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

    • Permits must be displayed at all times when parking on campus.
    • Permit holders are required to ensure UAB Transportation has up to date license plate information.

    • RATES:

      The cost for employee parking ranges from $14.00-58.34 per month. Parking for employees is assigned based on work location and job classification. A waiting list is kept on any facility that has demand greater than capacity.

      All regular parking permits can be used in Express Lot 2 and Express Lot 4 without being ticketed. These lots are serviced by the Blue and Silver Blazer Express Transit routes.

      2020 Employee Rates


      Monthly Fee

      Full-time, deck


      Full-time, lot


      Full-time, perimeter


      Part-time, deck


      Part-time, lot


      Part-time, perimeter


      Adjunct, deck

      $130 (per semester)

      Adjunct, lot

      $116.68 (per semester)

      Adjunct, perimeter

      $56.00 (per semester)

      Employees parking in facilities other than express can request on-call access to the 5th or 6th Avenue Decks, or University Boulevard Deck, if needed. On-call access is available from 5 p.m.–5 a.m. weekdays, or all day on weekends. If you need to add this access, please provide a written request from your director and a $25.00 annual charge (April-April) will be added to your account.

  • UAB Medicine Employees

    As a result of UAB’s ongoing emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for hospital employees to have easier access to their work location, UAB Transportation is temporarily assigning parkers to decks closer to the hospital.

    Where to Park

    Employees working at Highland Hospital or off-site clinics (Avondale, Gardendale, Hoover, etc.) should park at their worksite. Pharmacists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists should contact UAB Transportation for their parking assignment. Kirklin Clinic and Whitaker Clinic staff should apply for parking by using the online application. You will be assigned to Express Lot #4 (410 10th St. S.). All other employees should adhere to the chart below.

    Work Location

    Temporary Parking Location

    Deck Address


    Callahan Eye Hospital

    9th Avenue Parking Deck

    851 16th Street South

    UAB Hospital - Last name beginning with A-K

    University Boulevard Parking Deck

    1915 University Boulevard

    If “FULL” light is on, you are allowed to swipe into the deck. “FULL” applies to general public.

    UAB Hospital - Last name beginning with L-Z

    19th Street Parking Deck

    828 19th Street South

    If “FULL” light is on, you are allowed to swipe into the deck. “FULL” applies to general public.


    Your UAB ONE Cards have been programmed accordingly. You must use your ONE Card to swipe into the deck. This temporary assignment is subject to change in accordance with the UAB Limited Business Operations timeline.

    If you do not have a ONE Card, please park in Express Lot #4 (410 10th Ave S) and ride the Blazer Express Silver Route bus back to the medical district. Your manager will assist you in obtaining your ONE Card, at which time you should park in the location corresponding to the chart above. The Blazer Express Silver Route and real-time information on the bus may be found in the Double Map app (download from the Apple Store and Google Play) or found online at uab.doublemap.com.

    If you have questions, call the UAB Transportation Office at 205-934-3513. Please also be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@UABTransport) and go to our website (uab.edu/transportation) for updates.

    We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we all navigate the COVID-19 response as a team.


    Request on-call access to the 5th or 6th Avenue Decks, or University Boulevard Deck, if needed for no additional charge. To add this free access, call our office or fill out the request form in the Parking Portal.

    • On-call access is available from 2:30 p.m.–8 a.m. weekdays, or all day on weekends.
    • For University Boulevard Deck, access is available from 5 p.m.–7 a.m. weekdays, or all day on weekends.
    • On-call permits are available for Heart & Vascular Center (HVC) and Organ Transplant Divisions for night and weekend access to the North Pavilion parking spaces at 6th Avenue South and 18th Street. Members of these two programs have to be approved by their administrators for access to this area. Please contact your division administrator for details on how to apply.

    Evening shift (after 2 p.m.) and night shift employees can park in the 6th Avenue deck. To qualify for evening and night shift parking, an employee must provide a verification of their shift from their director.


    Incoming residents have the option to park in the 5th Avenue or 19th Street Decks, depending on their work assignment locations and facility availability. Parking arrangements are made through the GME office during orientation. Residents on-call can access the 6th Avenue Deck from 2:30 p.m.–7a.m. weekdays, and all day on weekends.

    Residents not coordinated through the GME office are considered regular employees and their parking assignment is coordinated within Hospital Administration guidelines.

  • University Employees

    Parking options for Faculty and Staff parking are spread among various deck, lot, and express parking.

    • Campus decks are located within the campus core and are the most expensive to maintain and repair, along with being among the most in-demand for parking.
    • Campus lots are located within the campus core and are in high demand.
    • Express parking is located in designated lots on the campus periphery. Fixed shuttle routes are used to transport employees near their designated work areas.

    A waiting list is kept on any facility that has demand greater than capacity. Log into the UAB Parking Portal to add your name to a wait list. To request a permit, use the “Apply for Parking” tab and complete the information requested.

    Emeritus status employees qualify for free parking as long as they receive no compensation from UAB. If compensation is received, even on a short-term basis (i.e. Adjunct Faculty, consultant, etc.), parking fees will be assessed at the standard rate. Contact UAB Transportation to determine eligibility.

  • Manage Vehicles/Waitlists

    • Visit the parking portal
    • Login to the system with your Blazer ID and password
    • For waitlists, scroll down and select “Add Waitlist” or “View Your Waitlists”
    • To manage vehicle information, select the “More” drop-down menu from the top banner and select “Vehicles”
    • Follow the instructions for completing the process
  • Employee Carpool

    The purpose of this program is to promote carpooling as an attractive alternative to individual commuting. Carpools reduce traffic congestion, which contributes to higher ground-level ozone ratings. Better ratings mean more industry and business for our city, as well as federal funds to complete road construction projects.

    In order to participate in a carpool, you must meet the following criteria:

    • A carpool must consist of at least three employees.
    • Participants must share a ride on a regular basis (at least two days a week).
    • For more information, visit commutesmart.org

    To apply for a carpool, contact the UAB Transportation office.

    Description of Services:

    Reserved Parking Space

    Parking & Transportation Services will accommodate employees with a reserved carpool space on a semester basis. The reserved spaces will be designated with a sign and controlled for carpool permits during enforcement hours.

    Emergency Passes

    Each participant in a carpool will be given up to four scratch-off passes per semester to be used on days he/she is not riding in the carpool. The scratch-off pass must be displayed on the rearview mirror. The passes are valid only in area designated.

    Emergency Ride Home

    Commutesmart offers an emergency ride home program for those who register for the service. Learn more at commutesmart.org.

    Computer Matching Services

    Computer matching services are provided by completing a form online at commutesmart.org.

    General Information

    • Each participant must complete a parking application.
    • Each carpool will be issued one hangtag for the group. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure that the permit is properly displayed from the rearview mirror.
    • Parking rate will be divided equally among the carpool participants and charged via payroll deduction.
    • Misuse of a carpool permit will result in cancellation of parking privileges.
    • Scratch off permits will only be given if multiple vehicles are registered
    • If the carpool is dissolved, the carpool permit and any unused scratch-off passes must be returned to the UAB Transportation Office. Participants can then purchase their own permits.

    Other Incentives

    The CommuteSmart program offers a variety of incentives for alternative modes of travel (walking, biking, transit), including carpools of only two individuals.

    Questions? Please call us at 205-934-3513, if you require more information.