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Involving undergraduates in research can be a very rewarding experience for faculty. Undergraduates often bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas and perspectives to a research project. The research can often be of a "high risk/high reward" variety that faculty would not typically explore. Plus, involving students in a research project usual creates a greater connection with students and fosters a memorable learning experience while generating interest in a discipline.

The Office for Undergraduate Research will work closely with UAB faculty to support ongoing undergraduate research efforts, as well as to assist those interested in adopting a research pedagogy and/or serving as a mentor. In addition, if you are in the medical field, the UAB American Physician Scientist Association Chapter is a great place to post opportunities.



The Office of Undergraduate Research is excited to announce an exciting new partnership with ScholarBridge. ScholarBridge is tool that promotes student and faculty involvement in academic research. This online network allows professors to post their availability for mentoring students. Student members can search the ScholarBridge data base of professors and opportunities — at any point in their academic career — to actively pursue a research focus and find the right mentor. Visit ScholarBridge and create a free account.