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All courses that have been identified as "undergraduate research" courses incorporate research and scholarly work as a major teaching method and prepare students to conduct scholarly activity in their area of study. Students who are interested in research should meet with their advisor prior to enrolling in one or more of the following courses, as many have prerequisites or minimum GPA requirements. Consult with your advisor or the course catalog to find out more about these courses. Resources
A few of the more helpful resources that list faculty and their research interest are found at the following sites:

Summer research programs give students the opportunity to have an immersive research experience during the summer period that might not be possible during the school year. Summer programs are a great way for students to try something new or take their experience to the next level. These programs generally pay a stipend and cover travel and housing expenses during your participation in the program. Below are some resources to explore both UAB and external programs. If you have any questions please email or make an appointment with the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Internal (UAB)

External (Off-Campus)

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Publication Opportunities

The opportunity to present your research is available through the Expo that it hosted each year by the Office of Undergraduate Research. After presenting your research, taking the steps to publish is extremely beneficial for your portfolio. Undergraduate research journals and conferences provide excellent opportunities to distributes your research results and shows a serious commitment to advancement in your field.

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Inquiro is a journal for undergraduates that is produced by undergraduates. Any students who have conducted scientific research at UAB or another university are eligible to submit their work for publication.

Inquiro submissions are due November 3. Visit the Inquiro website for details.

Aura Literary Arts Review is a student literary arts journal produced by students at the University of Alabama. The journal offers quality poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual artwork.

Vulcan Historical Review is an award winning annual student published Historical journal sponsored by UAB's Chi Omicron chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society and the UAB Department of History. Submissions of articles, book reviews, and film reviews on historical topics are welcome from any UAB undergraduate or graduate student, as well as alumni.

Sanctuary is a student led literary and arts journal. Submissions are collected, pieces are reviewed, and the book is published completely by Honors Program students. All students on the Sanctuary editorial board are from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and we pride ourselves with publishing quality content every year for Southern Regional Honors colleges to enjoy. We see Sanctuary as a way for honors students in the Southeast to showcase their artistic talent, whether they be pursuing art as their career or as a healthy break from the sciences. In Sanctuary, we show the best of the work that southern collegiate honors students create and help these fantastic poets, artists, and writers gain some recognition and see their work published in a physical book.

Journal of Young Investigators is an exciting, student-led initiative to broaden the scope of the undergraduate scientific experience. JYI provides opportunities for students to participate in the scientific review and publication processes, primarily through the operation of its peer-reviewed journal for undergraduates.

The Council on Undergraduate Research provides publication listings for undergraduate journals across the nation.

The University of Maryland provides a categorical list of undergraduate research journals.

UReCA-Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Journal

Reinvention: International Journal of Undergraduate Research