Expo Winners Spring 2019

Congratulations to all the presenters and the winners at the Spring 2019 Expo, and over 100 judges for judging! Thanks again to all who came out to the event to celebrate undergraduate research and service learning at UAB!

    • First Place: Juhee Agrawal
    • Second Place: Elizabeth A. Bradley
    • Third Place: Monima Anam
  • Biological and Life Sciences

    • First Place (tie):
      • Johanna Popp
      • Jillian Tinglin
      • Rose Albert, Mia Bradley, Areebah Nur, Seth Maynor
    • Second Place: Molly Strickland
    • Third Place: Harrison R. Jordan, Kayla A. Lewis, Trygve O. Tollefsbol


    • First Place: Rebekah Kim


    • First Place: Hannah Lacy, Nikhil Mardhekar, Joshua Moore, Joseph Willis
    • Second Place (tie):
      • Matthew Joyner, Jing Khoo, Abhay Thottassery
      • Jessica M. Miller, Allaire F. Doussan, Ali A. El-Husari, Jacob A. Garcia, René Myers, Timothy King, Alan Eberhardt
    • Third Place: Natasha Wright, Kishan Patel, Jiongsi Zhong, Jonathan Hill

    Health Sciences

    • First Place: Deepa Gadde
    • Second Place: Hanleigh James and Ndeye Silla
    • Third Place: (tie)
      • Mary Kopp and Gordon Fisher, FACSM
      • Seebree De Preter

    Physical and Applied Science

    • First Place: Jose Blanco, Josette Runge, Ryan Requijo, J. R. Blanco, C. S. Loveless, S.E. Lapi
    • Second Place: Jakayla Robinson, Emma Latham, Daniel Cotton, Emily Johnson, Cailet Hardtmann-Huckabee, David Hong, Kyle Landers, Justin Rice
    • Third Place: Hannah Blansett, Anna Grace Dulaney, Tharon Holdsworth, Noah Matthews, and Alexis Tilley; J. R. Blanco

    Service Learning

    • First Place: Drew Davis, Amanda Boggan, Raven King, and Sophia Ngo
    • Second Place: Katy Snoddy, Georgia Haggard, Nia Peterson, Sarah Nealy, Sophie Wasilevich, Lindsey Ferraro, Mindy Foster, and Patrick Orman
    • Third Place: Katelyn Argo, Kyleigh Baker, Lauren Hill, Sandi Minor, Lourdes Otero, and Jiwon Yoon

    Social and Behavioral Science

    • First Place: Tasha G. Curiel, Heather E. Dark, Juliann Purcell, Sylvie Mrug, and David C. Knight
    • Second Place: Sharan Kaur
    • Third Place: Caroline Kehrer

    Arts and Humanities

    • First Place: David Turner

    Works in Progress

    • First Place: Karly Casey, Hrithik Praveen, and Kierra Smith
    • Second Place: Percy Gresham, and Zachary Johnson
    • Third Place: Michael Ho, Caleb Rowe, and Claire Thomas


    • First Place: Ryan King

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""Download the 2019 Spring Expo Program (pdf).The Spring Expo includes both undergraduate research and service learning presentations. The Expo celebrates excellence in research, service learning, creative activity, and scholarship by showcasing the endeavors of undergraduate students.

For service learning, the Expo is an exposition of student and community engagement collaborations from students engaged in service-learning courses. The Expo gives service learning students the opportunity to gain presentation experience and to celebrate the projects and collaborations between community partners, UAB, and our greater community.

The Spring Expo will be held on April 18-19. Abstract submissions for the Spring Expo are now open — due April 5, 2019.



Thursday, April 18 — Oral Presentations and Video Research Award Presentations — Hill Student Center

Time Event Location
12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Student Registration and Judge Registration Outside 3rd Floor Ballrooms
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Oral Presentations Rooms 312-318
3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. Video Research Awards Presentations Room 203


Friday, April 19 — Bartow Arena — Poster Presentations

Time Event Location
8:15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. Student Registration and Poster Set-up
Judge Registration
Bartow Arena Concourse
Bartow Green and Gold Room
9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Keynote Speaker Bartow Arena Main Floor
10:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Poster Presentations Bartow Arena Concourse
4:00 p.m. Award Winners announcements Email and social media

Keynote Speaker


Tina Kempin Reuter, PhD

Dr. Tina Kempin Reuter is the Director of the Institute for Human Rights and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and the Department of Anthropology, specializing in human rights, peace studies, and international politics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Her research focuses on human rights with a particular emphasis on the struggle of vulnerable and marginalized populations, including minorities, persons with disabilities, refugees and migrants, women, children, the LGBTQ community, and people dealing with the consequences of poverty. She is also an expert on ethnic conflict and peace making with a geographical focus on Europe and the Middle East.

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