spot 6The first question asked by students who are interested in research, scholarship, and creative activities is "How do I get involved?" There are many opportunities all over campus. Talk to the faculty teaching your courses. Ask other students — they can have great suggestions about finding a mentor. Check out department websites — they have faculty listings that describe the faculty's work and provides their contact information

We can also help you more directly at OUR. Please visit available resources for finding research opportunities. We would be happy to meet with you individually to help you find a research opportunity. One of the bedrocks of conducting research is the library. We have worked with the librarians of Sterne and Lister Hill to put together an Undergraduate Researcher Toolkit which will help you get started in your research efforts. 

As important as conducting research is to the learning process, it is equally as important to present and/or publish your work. Visit our Presentation and Publication pages to find opportunities through OUR, on campus, and elsewhere.

Talk to a peer about research! The University of Alabama at Birmingham Research Ambassadors are a select group of highly accomplished students who have participated extensively in academic research at UAB.  They provide mentoring to students as they move through the research inquiry process. They are directly connected to the exciting research at UAB and are ready to answer your questions.