"Celebrating the News That Kate Could Drive the Zodiac" by Julie Schram. "Celebrating the News That Kate Could Drive the Zodiac" by Julie Schram. Congratulations! You are completing your BS in the sciences. You have enjoyed the process and have a strong interest in biology. Perhaps you were engaged in research as an undergraduate and want more. It is time to think about a career in Biology. An advanced degree (MS and/or PhD) can make this happen!

The UAB Department of Biology graduate programs are considered to be among the top programs in the nation. Students apply from around the globe for the opportunity to work with world class scientists in their field of interest (their specialties range from cancer biology to conservation of endangered species, from ecophysiology to endocrinology, and from nutrition to aging). Our graduates have a strong history of finding exciting work opportunities in their field.

Biology is a field of science that is dynamic and ever-changing. Whether related to the environment or to issues of human health and disease, new challenges are numerous and will require a knowledgeable and engaged graduate student. We train students who we believe will become outstanding biologists: those who understand their specific field of interest, yet are knowledgeable in all aspects of biology. We expect these students to contribute to the scientific community and society. We offer the opportunity for students to fully engage biology and to become our future leaders in the sciences. Regardless of your ultimate career choice, our program will help provide the skills you need to succeed.

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