Why UAB?

Because from the very beginning, we've been a place for dreamers and doers, artists and scientists, idealists and realists. This is a university without walls, where no one is worried about fitting in — just standing out. UAB is your launching pad for a 21st century career, with opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Want to be in a place where something is always going on, while still experiencing a tight campus community? There’s no need to settle for A or B when you can have both at UAB.
  • Tyra Robinson

    As an art student and fellow with UAB Digital Media, UAB has opened my eyes to all of the opportunities here in Birmingham, AL by exposing me to actual client work, which has helped prepare me for the real world.

    Tyra Robinson, Department of Art and Art History, Class of 2017

  • Jacob Richardson

    Since coming to UAB I’ve discovered my love for composition and music production. I’m very happy that UAB’s music technology degree marries the technical side of engineering and recording while still holding composition and theory in equal regard.

    Jacob Richardson, Department of Music, Class of 2017

  • Mackenzie Carden

    My leadership role on the UAB Student Nurses' Association executive board has provided me the opportunity to volunteer at numerous events throughout the community as well as make lifelong friendships and improve my interdisciplinary skills with other health-care professionals.

    Makenzie Carden, School of Nursing, Class of 2017

  • Priya Shah

    I’ve had two wonderful mentors who really gave me a head start in research.

    Priya Shah, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2019

  • Chase Chandler

    Dr. Kawai in the Department of Physics is one of my biggest role models. His number-one priority is making sure his students are interested in science.

    Chase Chandler, Department of Physics, Class of 2017

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