Why UAB?

Because from the very beginning, we've been a place for dreamers and doers, artists and scientists, idealists and realists. This is a university without walls, where no one is worried about fitting in — just standing out. UAB is your launching pad for a 21st century career, with opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Want to be in a place where something is always going on, while still experiencing a tight campus community? There’s no need to settle for A or B when you can have both at UAB.
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  • Seth Borgstede

    In Mozambique I was able to shadow and be mentored by Western-trained doctors in the local clinics and really was able to see firsthand the challenges of medicine in the underdeveloped world.

    Seth Borgstede, Class of 2019

  • Linaa Rohman

    Experiential learning is key in discovering what I want to do after I graduate – the start-up companies, student ventures and companies located here give me the opportunity to apply the skill set I learn through my classes into real-life applications.

    Linaa Rohman, Class of 2017

  • Joshua Pritchett

    UAB has challenged me and has been like a home to me. The environment and the support from the faculty have been fantastic.

    Joshua Pritchett, Class of 2015

  • Marina Triplett

    I knew that I wanted an undergraduate research experience that would prepare me for graduate school. At UAB, I have had the opportunity to perform graduate-level research and learn a wide variety of lab techniques.

    Marina Triplett, Class of 2017

  • Michelle Nguyen, Aileen Jong, Clara Wan

    We want to raise awareness and serve the Birmingham community in a way that is often overlooked.

    Michelle Nguyen, Aileen Jong, and Clara Wan, Class of 2019

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