"Cystosphaera Jacquinotoo" by Kate Schoenrock. "Cystosphaera Jacquinotoo" by Kate Schoenrock.

Our Job – To Help You Succeed

Whether you want to go to medical school, be a wildlife biologist, explore the consequences of climate change in Antarctica, or become a biotechnology lawyer, our job in the Department of Biology is to help you succeed. Our history indicates we can do it. We send more students to medical, dental, and optometry schools than any department in any university in Alabama. Our graduates are professors, film-makers, medical professionals, as well as artists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

The reasons for our success aren’t hard to find. Our faculty members are knowledgeable, approachable, and award-winning teachers. They are also serious, award-winning researchers who are eager to give students research experiences in their laboratories. There are few experiences in the world as thrilling as discovering something about the world that no one ever knew before. Our students feel that thrill every semester.

So please prowl around our web site to learn about our faculty and their research. Feel the excitement. We do offer “knowledge that will change your world.”