Molecular Biology Track

B.S., Biology with Molecular Biology Concentration


To complete the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with the molecular bioogy concentration you must complete 68 - 74 semester hours of course work, including 4 semester hours in mathematics, 19 semester hours in chemistry, 8 semester hours in physics, and 40 semester hours in biology. Please note: You should consult with an advisor to determine which biology courses will be most applicable to your interests and career goals.

You must maintain at least a 2.0 average in all biology courses attempted and a 2.0 average in all biology courses taken at UAB in order to graduate. The current UAB course repeat policy will be used in calculating the grade point average. A minimum of nine semester hours in the major must be taken at UAB. Transfer students should be aware of the Department of Biology's policy regarding transfer credit. Students entering Fall 2010 or later must complete a Major Fields Test and Capstone course- BY 408, BY 430, BY 494, or BY 497 for graduation.


Course Requirements

Complete the following courses:



MA 125 Calculus I



CH 115 General Chemistry I and CH 116 General Chemistry Laboratory

CH 117 General Chemistry II and CH 118 General Chemistry II Laboratory

CH 235 Organic Chemistry I and CH 236 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CH 237 Organic Chemistry II and CH 238 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

CH 460 Fundamentals of Biochemistry



PH 201 College Physics I and PH 201L College Physics Lab I

PH 202 College Physics II and PH 202L College Physics Lab II


PH 221 General Physics and PH221L General Physics Lab I

PH 222 General Physics II and PH 222L General Physics Lab II



BY 123 Introductory Biology I

BY 124 Introductory Biology II



Molecular Biology Track Courses

Complete all of the following courses:

BY 210 Genetics

BY 245 Fundamental Scientific Investigation

BY 271 Biology of Microorganisms

BY 311 Molecular Genetics

BY 330 Cell Biology


Molecular Biology Electives

Complete any three of the following courses:

BY 416 Cellular Physiology

BY 431 Principles of DNA Technology

BY 433 Advanced Molecular Genetics

BY 437 Epigenetics

BY 440 Immunology


Remaining biology requirements can be selected from general biology courses.


Note: You cannot apply BY 101, 102, 107, 111, 112, 116, or 261 toward the biology major. At least 9 hours must be 400-level or higher.