Julian ArribasProfessor of Spanish; Department Chair
Humanities Building 407 C
(205) 975-5349

Research and Teaching Interests: History of Cultures and Literatures of the Hispanic World, Pre-1800 Hispanic Literature, Beauty and Love in Hispanic Literature

Margaret Dumas Bond.

Instructor of French
Humanities Building 404
(205) 934-8902

Research and Teaching Interests: French Language and Culture, Business French, French Literature

María Jesús Centeno. Instructor of Spanish
Humanities Building 405 A
(205) 934-1828

Research and Teaching Interests: Spanish as a Second Language — Spanish for Specific Purposes such as Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, Spanish for Law, Culinary Spanish

Krista Chambless. Assistant Professor of French and Spanish
Humanities Building 401
(205) 934-4652

Research and Teaching Interests: Spanish, French, Foreign Cultures, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Foreign Language Methods (Classroom Instruction), Teacher Development, Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Brock Cochran. Instructor of Spanish, Coordinator of Foreign Language Media Services
Humanities Building 412
(205) 934-6035

Research and Teaching Interests: Technology, Spanish-English Translation, Translation Theory

Catherine Danielou. Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of French
Heritage Hall 560
(205) 934-5643

Research and Teaching Interests: History of Ideas; 17th-century French Literature; Moralistes Writers; Ancien Régime France; Aging in 17th-century French Women Writings; Rural France; Littérature du Terroir; French Culture; Franco-Americans

Roberto Mayoral Hernandez. Associate Professor of Spanish
Humanities Building 409
(205) 934-4652

Research and Teaching Interests: Corpus Linguistics, Subject Position, Language Variation, Argument Alternations

Ling Ma. Instructor of Chinese
Humanities Building 407F
(205) 934-1834

Research and Teaching Interests: Foreign Language Acquisition and Education, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture, Creative Writing

John Maddox. Assistant Professor of Spanish
Humanities Building 403
(205) 975-5329

Research and Teaching Interests: Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture, the Caribbean, US-Brazil-Hispanic Comparisons, Ways of Understanding the Body (Medicine, Gender, Race)

John K. Moore Jr.Associate Professor of Spanish
Humanities Building 413
(205) 934-8901

Research and Teaching Interests: Hispanic Cultural and Literary History, Ethnic Studies, the Road to Santiago and Pilgrimage, Film Studies, Art and Architecture

Malinda Blair O'Leary. Assistant Professor of Spanish
Humanities Building 407E
(205) 996-4766

Research and Teaching Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Language Education, Languages for Specific Purposes

Carols L. Orihuela. Professor of Spanish
Humanities Building 411
(205) 934-8908

Research and Teaching Interests: Latin American Contemporary Literature (since Romanticism and Modernism), Indigenous Cultures (especially Andean) and Literatures. Afro-Hispanic Literatures, Latin American Poetry, Literary Theory

Erika Hille Rinker. Assistant Professor of German
Humanities Building 405
(205) 975-5352

Research and Teaching Interests: Twentieth-century German and Austrian Literature and Culture, Literature and Medicine, Translation Theory and Practice, Travel Writing, Women’s Writing

Giuliana Russo Skinner. Instructor of Italian
Humanities Building 402
(205) 934-4652

Research and Teaching Interests: Language and Identity Issues, Pragmatics, Semantics, Etymology, Language and Culture, Second Language Teaching Methods, Educational Technology

Lourdes Sanchez Lopez. Professor of Spanish; Director, Spanish for Specific Purposes Certificate program
Humanities Building 407G
(205) 934-8281

Research and Teaching Interests: Spanish for Specific Purposes (Health and Business), Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Phonetics and Phonology, Cultural Studies, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Community Service-learning and Engaged Scholarship

Yumi Takamiya newAssistant Professor of Japanese
Humanities Building 407H
(205) 934-0910

Research and Teaching Interests: Applied Linguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse/Conversation Analysis, Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Teacher Education, Language Assessment, Cross-Cultural Communication