John Maddox. Assistant Professor of Spanish
Humanities Building 403
(205) 975-5329

Research and Teaching Interests: Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture, the Caribbean, US-Brazil-Hispanic Comparisons, Ways of Understanding the Body (Medicine, Gender, Race)

Office Hours: By appointment

  • PhD, Vanderbilt Combined PhD in Spanish and Portuguese

I am from Georgia, but great teachers inspired me to study Spanish so I could be like them. This led me to travel the world: Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Cambodia. I taught high school Spanish for five years. Studying the African Diaspora gives unity to my varied interests and gives me a sense of pride in discovering often under-appreciated writers, artists, and approaches.

I try to make my classes a place where students get to hear many voices, including their own. Students talk to conversation partners at the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in my intermediate classes. I have multiple guest speakers each semester. I am leading a 2016 May mini-term trip to Puerto Rico to do community service and learn about local culture. My Medicine and Literature course uses a student-centered approach to study Latin American history and culture through these two disciplines. I am also faculty sponsor of the Palomitas Spanish and Latin American Film Club. I am passionate about contemporary Latin American literature and culture, and I enjoy sharing them with my students.

  • Spanish 201: Intermediate Spanish I
  • Spanish 210: Conversation and Culture
  • Spanish 399: Special Topics: Medicine and Literature
  • Spanish 412: US Latino Writers
  • Spanish 414: African Hispaniphone Writers: Survey of the Afro-Hispanic World
  • Maddox, John. "Los hijos de la Xica que Manda." Latin American Literary Review 44 (No. 9, November 2017). Forthcoming.
  • Maddox, John. "Una falla geológica de fallas raciales." Visitas al Patio 10 (2017). Forthcoming.
  • Maddox, John. "Coronel Delmiro Gouveia, Brazilian (Film) Industry, and World War I in the Sertão." LARR 53 (2018). Forthcoming.
  • Maddox, John. Juliet of the Tropics, the first translation of Alejandro Tapia y Rivera’s groundbreaking abolitionist play La cuarterona (1863). Cambria Press (2016).
  • Maddox, John. “The Place of the Forge: The African Diaspora, History, and Comparative Literature.” Hispania (accepted).
  • Maddox, John. “The First New World Tragedy of Manuel Zapata Olivella’s Changó el Gran Putas.” Afro-Hispanic and Afro-Latin Literature and Classics. Eds. Elizabeth J. West (Georgia State) and Antonio Tillis (Charleston). Black Diasporic Worlds series. Lexington Books (in press).
  • Maddox, John. “Tapia’s Póstumo el Transmigrado: A Pre-Incarnation of Brás Cubas.” Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies 29 (2016).
  • Maddox, John. “AfroReggae: Antropofagia, Sublimation, and Intimate Revolt in the Favela.” Hispania 97.3: 463-76.
    • American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Winner, 2015 AATSP Scholarly Publication Award.
  • Maddox, John. “La retórica anti-esclavista de Reinaldo Arenas.” Hispanic Journal 37.1 (2016): 47-66.
  • UAB QEP CTL Teaching Innovation Grant with Ling Ma, 2015; enhanced in 2017 with Brock Cochran
  • AATSP Board of Directors, President of AATSP-AL
  • Afro-Hispanic Review Editorial Board and Guest Editor of special issue on Maroons with Graciela Maglia (forthcoming)
  • Reader, Hispania, PMLA, Revista de Literatura Colombiana
  • AATSP Scholarly Publication Award, 2015
  • CAS Dean’s Grant, 2015
  • Faculty Fellows in Engaged Scholarship, 2015
  • Afro-Hispanic Review Editorial Board (2011-Present)