Academic Programs in the Department of Psychology

UAB Psychology Professor Dr. Rajesh KanaThe Department's undergraduate program is one of the largest majors at UAB. We offer the Bachelor of Science in Psychology in traditional and online formats. We have an excellent honors program for qualified students planning to further their education in graduate school.

There are three graduate programs within the department: Medical/Clinical Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology, and Behavioral Neuroscience. The range of faculty expertise and their research interests enhance the scope of these programs. There are also joint program opportunities. During their first year graduate students are supported by a graduate school fellowship which provides a stipend plus waiver of tuition and fees. After the first year, students have access to a variety of funding opportunities to which they can apply, including teaching, research, and clinical assistantships, some of which may also offer tuition support.

Students also have numerous opportunities for training in a variety of research and clinical clerkships which would provide exposure to different populations.