Research is one of the department's strongest traditions. Since 1999, our program has been ranked by National Science Foundation (NSF) as one of the top 100 recipients of federally financed R&D expenditures at universities and colleges.

Read about our latest projects and the results of our research on the College of Arts and Sciences News Site.

The department is home to several of UAB’s centers, research programs, laboratories, and teaching and training sites, all housed in 48,000 square feet of facility space. We are a successful player on the national level and we are playing an increasingly important role in nearly every area of UAB’s academic arena through our established graduate and undergraduate programs, numerous students, active research faculty, research centers, and growing clinical services and community-based programs.

As part of UAB's emphasis on multidisciplinary centers, the department also encourages and supports collaboration with various departments and centers within the university.

We invite you to explore our Faculty Research Laboratories and the Collaborative Initiatives that we support.

Our undergraduate students participate in and study psychology research projects. You can explore our guidelines for students, faculty, and research staff in the Undergraduate Research section.

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