Behavioral Neuroscience Admissions

Admissions to the Program follows the following review process:

  • Admission to the program is highly competitive. We follow an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity process to ensure applicants are evaluated on their individual merit. Our aim is to admit 2 new students each year.
  • Admission is only possible for the fall semester, for full-time studies, and for completing the doctoral program as no Masters degree is awarded along the way. Deadline for all application material to be in the Graduate School is January 15. Application material is available at
  • Our accepted applicants typically have a mean GRE of approximately V= 570 and Q= 630. The GRE Test is required. The range of GPA is 3.0 - 4.0 with a median of approximately 3.50.
  • Research experience is essential. We prefer a solid background in psychology including courses such as statistics, research methods, behavioral neuroscience, physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, motivation and emotion, and learning.  Coursework in chemistry and biology is also encouraged.
  • A faculty committee reviews all applicants to identify a small number who will be considered more fully. Those applicants are invited for a campus visit in February or March.
  • Admission is offered only to an applicant who, in addition to having excellent credentials, can be potential matched with a faculty member with whom they share research interests and would like to study.