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  • NORC Member Research Spotlight: Courtney Peterson, Ph.D.
  • NORC Member Research Spotlight : Amanda Willig, Ph.D.
  • NORC Member Research Spotlight : Amy Goss, Ph.D.
  • NORC Member Research Spotlight  : Barbara Gower, Ph.D.
  • NORC Member Research Spotlight  : Olivia Affuso, Ph.D.
  • NORC Member Research Spotlight  : Gareth Dutton, Ph.D.
  • Changing your meal schedule could have healthy benefits

    NORC Member Research Spotlight: Courtney Peterson, Ph.D.

    To lose weight, it’s important to watch what you eat. but UAB researchers are discovering that watching when you eat could be helpful as well.

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  • $3.25 million R01 grant will explore the long-term impact of diet, exercise on symptoms of adults with HIV

    NORC Member Research Spotlight: Amanda Willig, Ph.D.

    Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Case Western Reserve University have received a $3.25 million, five-year R01 grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research to begin recruiting for the first longitudinal study — PROSPER-HIV — investigating how exercise and nutrition affect the symptoms adults with HIV experience.

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  • Fad diets or lifestyle changes - where do three popular weight-reduction plans fit in?

    NORC Member Research Spotlight: Amy Goss, Ph.D.

    More than 35 percent of American adults are considered obese, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With so much emphasis put on weight and healthy living, many people turn to “quick-fix” or fad diets that promise rapid weight loss and a new waistline in a short amount of time.

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  • In human clinical trial, UAB to test diet’s effect on ovarian cancer patients

    NORC Member Research Spotlight: Barbara Gower, Ph.D.

    New research conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has shown that a particular type of diet could help women with ovarian cancer to lose weight and improve their quality of life and cancer-related measures.

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  • A researcher in motion, chasing trials and trails

    NORC Member Research Spotlight: Olivia Affuso, Ph.D.

    As a member of UAB's Nutrition Obesity Research Center and Center for Exercise Medicine, Olivia Affuso, Ph.D., has a clear goal: preventing obesity and chronic disease through physical activity. During many of her evenings and weekends, she helps women and girls put these ideas into practice.

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  • Losing weight isn't always easy, but keeping it off is even harder

    NORC Member Research Spotlight: Gareth Dutton, Ph.D.

    Lifestyle changes, including dietary modifications, increased physical activity, and other behavioral strategies, can help people lose weight. In fact, many individuals lose enough weight with lifestyle modifications to experience meaningful physical and psychological benefits. However, preventing weight regain, or keeping the weight off for the long-term, is a significant challenge for most people.

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Welcome to Nutrition Obesity Research Center

The Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) is an NIH-funded, university-wide interdisciplinary research center established to foster a multidisciplinary approach to basic, clinical, and translational research and research training with an emphasis on understanding the causal factors underlying nutrition and obesity-related health problems and the generation and evaluation of evidence on their consequences, prevention, and alleviation.

The NORC comprises 106 investigators from 43 academic units, with total direct funding of $41 million for nutrition/obesity research. The NORC is composed of 3 research core facilities, a pilot/feasibility program, and an enrichment program. Published research supported by the NORC and indexed in Pubmed can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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Latest from NORC

  • Kathryn Kaiser, PhD

    Q&A: Genetic Disparities Influence Obesity and Cardiometabolic Health Across Race & Sex

  • W. Timothy Garvey, M.D., and Andrea Cherrington, M.D.

    UAB researchers part of GRADE study investigating glucose medications in Type 2 diabetes

  • James Rimmer, Ph.D.

    Rimmer to Receive Marchase Award on Core Day

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Please be reminded to acknowledge support from the UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center in your publications by citing NIDDK grant # DK056336; such as, "The project described was supported by Award Number P30DK056336 from the National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases or the National Institutes of Health."

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