Pediatric Neuromotor Clinic

Intensive Occupational Therapy:  an ACQUIREc Therapy Model

Our Mission:

To construct and administer feasible, effective and evidenced-based occupational therapy services, both locally and globally, for children with hemiplegia/hemiparesis to increase their independence in every area of life.

Welcome to the UAB Pediatric Neuromotor Clinic! We are pleased to offer Intensive Occupational Therapy: an ACQUIREc Therapy Model, a form of constraint-induced movement therapy, to assist children with neuromotor disorders.  This treatment is based upon twelve years of research and clinical application using the ACQUIREc form of pediatric constraint-induced movement therapy.  ACQUIREc was developed by Dr. Stephanie DeLuca and Dr. Karen Echols who are both former researchers at the UAB Civitan International Resesarch Center and Sparks Clinics.  The word acquire exemplifies the overall goal of this intensive occupational therapy treatment, to acquire new skills and function for children participating in this therapy while the subscript c indicates the important component of casting.  We are excited to continue offering pediatric constraint-induced movement therapy based upon the research and clinical findings of the ACQUIREc Therapy Model.  Our program consists of occupational therapists that have undergone extensive training in the ACQUIREc protocol and process.

What is constraint therapy?

Intensive Occupational Therapy (an ACQUIREc Therapy Model) utilizes constraint of the uninvolved upper extremity while focusing on the functional use and strengthening of the involved upper extremity through repetition and concentration on each child's unique therapeutic needs.  Each child will be fitted with a univalve cast that is fabricated especially for him or her.  The cast will be placed on the child's functional upper extremity to allow for focused therapy and movement of the weaker arm and hand.

Who is eligible?

Any child with a neuromotor disability.  Other requirements include, having no serious uncontrolled seizure disorders, and be medically stable at the time of treatment.  We treat children aged 14 months to 18 years, with a variety of neuromotor disorders such as cerebral palsy, hemispherectomy, hydrocephaly, pediatric stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Our clients come from all over the globe to participate in this unique program.

What treatment options are available?

We offer various types of therapy to fit your child's specific needs.  To decide which protocol is best for your child, please contact us for consultation and pricing.  More detailed information regarding treatment options can be found in our brochure.  Brochure Download

Where is the treatment administered?

Whenever possible, treatment will take place in the child's natural environment.  For the month, this may include the home, temporary residence, school, playgrounds, childcare center or a relative's home.  Living expenses are not included in the total treatment cost, but we are able to give recommendations to families not familiar with the area.

What is the cost of the program?

For information regarding pricing, contact us at 205-975-0466.  We currently do not bill insurance but have an insurance advocate on retainer who works with our families to help with the insurance reimbursement process.  We advise you to understand your child's insurance coverage and contact your insurance company and our insurance advocate to guarantee coverage.  Other options to consider are fundraisers, donations, and applying for medical grants.  All other expenses are at the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Why choose Birmingham, Alabama?

There are many reasons why our returning families love calling Birmingham their home away from home, including affordability, good weather, and the family-centered atmosphere.  Birmingham has been named one of the Top 10 Most Budget Friendly Metros, and is home to a wide variety of family fun activities for all ages.  Many of our families enjoy taking mini-vacations on the weekends to visit Alabama's white-sand beaches, historic Tennessee, get a taste for cajun and creole food in Mississippi and Louisiana, or visit the Atlanta Braves in Georgia.

Contact us:

Children are treated in the order in which treatment is requested.  Please contact Katera Abrams, MS, OTR/L,, Director of Intensive Occupational Therapy:  An ACQUIREc Therapy Model, for further information and questions regarding treatment options that may be beneficial for your child, and scheduling treatment.  Please see the attached Brochure of Services to select the therapy protocol most appropriate for your child.  You can also reach us at 205-975-0466 or 205-306-4479.

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