SpX-12 Launch Delivers Science and a Sweet Treat to the ISS

With over 6,400 pound of science, cargo, and supplies, the Falcon 9 rocket launched from Complex 39A on Monday, August 14th 2017. Being delivered to the International Space Station in the Dragon capsule are three of UAB's Polar units. Two of these freezers are caring temperature sensetive science for experiements on board, however, one Polar is carrying a special treat for the austronauts aboard the ISS. What has been already called "the most ambitiously orchestrated snack delivery in human history," the astronauts will be able to enjoy a selction of chocolate, vanilla and birthday cake ice cream over the next several weeks (Dockrill). The Dragon capsule is set to return to Earth mid September carrying several thousand pounds of wastes and science.

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Frost in Space: Engineers and students help NASA keep orbiting science on ice

Recently, UAB Magazine visited UAB's Engineering and Innovative Technology Development group - Here is what they found.
"Near the edge of campus, a group of UAB engineers is designing and building the ultimate refrigerator.
But these appliances don’t come with ice makers, and you won’t find them for sale in Lowe’s or Home Depot. Instead, the fridges, created by the Engineering and Innovative Technology Development (EITD) team in the UAB School of Engineering, are headed for a loftier home aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
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