UAB Hardware on OA-8 Space Station Resupply Mission

After a scrubbed first attempt, the Cygnus spacecraft was launched November 12th from the MARS Pad 0A at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Cygnus began the docking process with the International Space Station in the early hours of November 14th and will remain there for nearly three weeks. Aboard the Cygnus were two Polar units and one MERLIN unit designed by UAB's EITD group. Along with the UAB units, there was nearly 7,400 more pounds of supplies, science, equipment and cargo. The Cygnus while docked will also act as experiment platform and an extension of the ISS by hosting several experiments inside the module.

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Engineers at UAB included in $500 million contract for International Space Station work

"The University of Alabama at Birmingham Engineering and Innovative Technology Development research group was recently announced as a partner in a $500 million contract issued from NASA’s International Space Station Program Office.

The Research, Engineering and Mission Integration — or REMIS — contract was awarded to Teledyne Brown Engineering with EITD listed as a partner on the project."

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