Success Stories

"IEM opened up a lot of doors for me and I am forever grateful."

Jacob DeRoy '16

"I am only in my second semester, and I can already tell the project management and technical leadership courses are going to take my engineering skills to the next level."

Will Winslett ’18

"I don’t think we ever would have started a company if I had not been in IEM."

Bart Blakely '15

"A new, business-driven point of view has made me a better leader and a better servant."

Jerry Robbins ’09

"My salary increase more than paid for the degree."

Dan Murphy ’06

"I never missed an important meeting or my kid’s sporting events."

David George ‘13

"Even if I never go and work for another company, IEM has also taught me how, and given me the confidence to start one for myself."

Stan Chapman ’17

"I am also using what I learned in IEM for my consulting side business as much as I do for my day job."

Kyle Newman ’17