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The Center for Teaching and Learning is open to all faculty and is focused on supporting excellence in teaching that promotes learning through a commitment to pedagogical best practices, appropriate and effective use of technology, and innovative collaboration.

CTL Schedule of Events


How to Use One’s Scholarship in Teaching – Tino Unlap
Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 – 12:10-1:00 PM; Learning Resources Center, Room 235, (1714 9th Ave. S. - repeat)
  • Description: Your own research and scholarship can be a valuable enhancement to your course. We will discuss how to weave your scholarship into your teaching. The related theme of including applications of concepts and course material will be demonstrated with practical examples. This is a core topic in the Teaching Innovation certificate series and open to all faculty regardless of whether you are pursuing the certificate. Register via www.uab.edu/learningsystem
Online Team-Based Learning (TBL) – Ken Gunnells
Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 – 11:30 AM-12:30 PM; Center for Teaching & Learning, Room 241-C
  • Description: Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a teaching methodology for small-group learning that has a number of benefits for students, instructors and employers of our students. This session will introduce the concepts and design of TBL in a face-to-face class setting, and then demonstrate how to translate those concepts and designs into an online class setting. Register via www.uab.edu/learningsystem
Faculty Guide to the IDEA Survey – Scott Phillips
Monday, Nov. 16, 2015 – 12:00-1:00 PM; Center for Teaching & Learning, Room 240-G
  • Description: Description: This session will explain the rationale for selecting objectives on the Faculty Information Form, and how to make sense of the IDEA results summary report for teaching effectiveness, selecting new teaching methods to support learning goals, and curriculum revision.  Register via www.uab.edu/learningsystem
Teaching Millennials – Scott Phillips
Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015 – 3:30-4:30 PM; Center for Teaching & Learning, Room 240-G
  • Description: Today’s college students have been raised in an age of affluence, technology, and constant sensory stimulation. Unlimited access to mobile devices and short attention spans can create a challenging classroom environment for university professors. This session considers today's learners and suggests ways to adapt to this challenging yet exciting educational environment. Register via www.uab.edu/learningsystem
Teaching Problem-Solving Skills by Full Application – Tino Unlap
Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015 – 8:10-9:00 AM; Center for Teaching & Learning, Room 240-G
Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015 – 12:10-1:00 PM; Learning Resources Center, Room 215, (1714 9th Ave. S. - repeat)
  • Description: Every graduate deserves to learn how to identify and solve problems regardless of major. Dr. Tino Unlap, an experienced teacher, mentor, and researcher, will explain his approach to "full application" problem-solving to enhance student skills for independent thinking and long-term retention of learning. Register via www.uab.edu/learningsystem


Elevating Course Activities from Knowledge to Evaluation – Tino Unlap
Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015 – 8:10-9:00 AM; Center for Teaching & Learning, Room 240-G
Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015 – 12:10-1:00 PM; Learning Resources Center, Room 215 (1714 9th Ave. S. – repeat)
  • Description: Techniques to convert existing course activities and content from the lower cognitive levels of Bloom's taxonomy (Knowledge / Comprehension) to the higher levels (Application through Evaluation) will be demonstrated.  We will touch upon question-writing but this is more thoroughly addressed in “How to Write Good Questions.” Register via www.uab.edu/learningsystem

Coming in Spring…

Difficult Teaching Situations
  • Description: This lively, interactive session will present mini-vignettes of several common, difficult teaching situations and allow the audience to determine appropriate responses with the help of two in-person advisors (lawyer and administrator). The aim is to allow faculty to try a variety of options and learn what must be addressed to pass legal standards and make it easier for your administrator to support you if a student files a grievance.
3’s of Quick Video Creation for Your Course – Ron Hubbard
  • Description: Film director and videographer Dr. Ron Hubbard will be demonstrating the fundamentals for rapidly making interesting mini-videos to support your teaching using the following approach. Techniques will be demonstrated. You make a movie three times: Write, Shoot, Edit. You shoot it three ways: Wide shot, Medium shot, Close up. The three most difficult parts of filmmaking: Camera wobble, poor sound, inadequate light. The three positions of light: Key, fill, back. The three stages of editing: Import or capture (and label), cut or edit, export DVD, Blu-ray, QuickTime. The three fonts: Helvetica, Futura, Arial. Ready to learn how?
The Physics of Editing – Ron Hubbard
  • Description: How do you edit the raw video that you have created for your course? This is a follow-up to the video creation session (3’s of Quick Video Creation for Your Course). Learn how to do video editing basics to make a suitable product for online posting. We will be using a common video editor that is available at no cost.
Metacognition Strategies for Learning
  • Description: Metacognition is our attempt to explain how we learn. This session focuses on how to incorporate principles based on brain function (patterns, novelty, sensory integration, memory, processing of information) to enhance learning in courses.