Certificates & Faculty Communities

The Center for Teaching & Learning offers UAB faculty many opportunities to learn about effective teaching practices, the use of technology in teaching, and how their peers are employing these techniques in their classrooms. These offerings also provide an opportunity for faculty to connect with colleagues across disciplines and to share ideas that can enhance course design and delivery.

Teaching Certificate Programs

The Center offers two teaching certificate programs: Effective Teaching Practice, and Teaching Innovation. Each of these programs is comprised of 10 one-hour seminars/workshops designed in a year-long thematic curriculum that culminates in the award of CTL teacher certification. Most workshops are offered twice during the academic year to accommodate faculty members' busy schedules.

View seminar and workshop Titles:
Effective Teaching Practice Certificate Program
Teaching Innovation Certificate Program

To participate in the Certificate programs or attend seminars and workshops, register at uab.edu/LMS or email Scott Phillips at slpmusic@uab.edu.

Faculty Learning Communities

Join us for the first meeting of the Team-Based Learning (TBL) faculty community on September 21, from 3:30-4:30 pm in the Center for Teaching & Learning (room 241-C).
Dr. Will Brooks will facilitate discussion of exceptional TBL articles, trying new supportive technology (i.e., electronic peer review and group selection tools) and experimentation with TBL activities and hybrid applications.

This faculty community will meet regularly on a near- monthly basis.  A schedule for future meetings will be decided at the Sept. 21, meeting.