Certificates & Series

The center will offer several opportunities to learn about effective teaching practice, teaching with technology, and how fellow teaching faculty are employing these and assorted other techniques in and out of their classrooms. These offerings will also provide an opportunity to connect with peers in other disciplines, share ideas, and develop cross-disciplinary projects that can enhance course design, delivery, and feedback and positively impact the students' learning experience. Initial efforts are focused around the following areas:
  • Teaching Certificate Programs
  • Thinking Critically in... series
  • Digital Literacy for UAB Faculty
  • Teaching with Technology Series
  • UAB Teaching Spotlight

Teaching Certificate Programs

In conjunction with CTL, faculty volunteers, and Instructional Technology staff, the Center will offer an in-class a curriculum that will culminate in the award of a Teaching with Technology Certificate and/or Certificate of Effective Teaching Practice. Participants will complete several seminars and workshops over the course of two semesters to earn the certificate. In year three, the Center will facilitate a cohort engaged in reflective practice on teaching, helping to establish teaching research agendas, measure teaching practice and innovation in the classroom, and find avenues for publication of results.

View seminar and workshop Titles:
Effective Teaching Practice Certificate Program
Teaching with Technology Certificate Program

Thinking Critically In... series

This series of seminars will focus on applications of the critical thinking process in specific disciplines. This presentation series will be aimed at identifying modes of thinking in specific disciplines or sub-discipline, how specific pedagogical methods might be transferred to unrelated disciplines, and ways in which technology can assist in encouraging, assessing, and enhancing students’ critical thinking.

Examples of presentations in the series:
  • Critical Thinking and the Solo Taxonomy
    The first series will be presented by Andrew Keitt. He will explore John Biggs's SOLO Taxonomy as a way to think about thinking and understand understanding and how the taxonomy can be applied to other disciplines. These sessions will conclude with an open discussion on how elements of these approaches might be adapted to other disciplines.
  • Thinking Critically about Diversity
    Rosie O’Beirne will describe her culture blog exercise, which leverages community based events and activities for student inquiry. The assignment prompts students to document and explore the complexities of diversity by connecting theoretical constructs with experiential learning. This session will also conclude with an open discussion on how the fundamental of this approach might be adapted to other disciplines.

Digital Literacy

In conjunction with representatives of the Mervyn Sterne and Lister Hill libraries, this series includes seminars related to information and digital literacy and technological challenges of teaching in the 21st century, both in and out of the classroom. Topics include:
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright, and the Internet
  • Identifying and Using Digital Resources
  • Educating your Students on the Use of Digital Resources

Do you have a question that you would like addressed during a digital literacy session that you plan to attend? Submit it here and we'll forward it to the presenter.

Current workshops related this field are offered by Meryn Sterne Library staff including the Copyright Workshop Series.

There is also a full listing of workshops offered by the library.

Teaching with Technology

Across the UAB campus, faculty are enhancing the student learning experience by combining innovative instructional methods with a variety of learning technology tools. This monthly Faculty-led series explores these innovations in and outside of the classroom, and provides a forum for discussion around how these tools and techniques might be applied in different learning environments.

Teaching spotlight & Blog Contribution

This blog series elicits guest contributions from UAB faculty recognized for teaching excellence. Centered around teaching practice, this monthly collection of insights, tips, and illustrations will build a knowledge base for faculty to access for information on specific teaching practices that have proven to be successful in the UAB context.