The Faculty Recruitment and Advertisement Guide aims to help departments organize and manage their faculty recruitment activities and advertisements to ensure that all required procedures and policies are adhered to throughout the faculty recruitment, selection, and hiring/appointment process. In this document, readers will learn how to design and submit faculty recruitment advertisements that meet UAB guidelines and standards. The document also contains the current U.S. Department of Labor certification rules as well as advertisement templates and other helpful faculty recruitment resources.

All faculty recruitment requests and advertisements must comply with federal guidelines and be approved by the Dean (or designee), the Equity Advisors (formerly Affirmative Action Officers), and the Office of the Provost. In addition, those who submit faculty recruitment advertisements must ensure that the advertisements meet all guidelines set by their school, college or UAB Libraries.

Phase I

Recruitment & Hiring

  • Receive approval from Dean to initiate faculty search.
  • Submit Faculty Recruitment Request in UAB PeopleAdmin.
  • Postion posted Faculty Jobs site and HEJ.
  • Place recruitment advertisement in journals, publications, media sources, etc. for minimum of 30 days.
  • Candidates apply to UAB PeopleAdmin
  • Faculty Search Committee will review, evaluate, and interview candidates.
  • Finalist candidate selection is made.
  • Hiring propsal is initiated in UAB PeopleAdmin; routed for approval.
  • Offer is extended to candidate.

Phase II


  • Obtain signed Offer Letter from candidate.
  • Complete Form I-9.
  • Complete Oracle ACT Document.
  • Complete UAB Faculty Data Form.
  • Obtain candidate's official transcript(s).
  • Initiate Background Check Process
  • Credentialing (if applicable)
  • Obtain/verify professional/board licensure (if applicable).

Phase III