Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for reviewing matters and recommending policy pertaining to research and to the environment for research and the dissemination of research knowledge. Specific matters for review and advice include: research and service programs, both existing and proposed, and existing policies and procedures which may affect the environment for research and the dissemination of research knowledge.
Senate Bylaws Article II.8.a.

The Research Committee also works with the Office of the Provost to collect applications, review and recommend UAB Faculty for the Faculty Development Grant Program (FDGP). For more information, please see the FDGP website.

2013-2014 Chair is Beth Brown, Associate Professor, School of Public Health-Epidemiology

The Research Committee Chair also serves as the Faculty Senate Liaison to the Council of Center Directors & to the Council for Translational Science.
This role serves as a mechanism to facilitate improved communication between UAB faculty, the Faculty Senate and the Councils for Center Directors and for Translational Science with the goals of improving research effectiveness and breeching barriers. Faculty involved in research in any UAB school or department may contact the Research Committee Chair with research related concerns. The Chair attends the meetings held by both councils and the Faculty Senate. At the council meetings, the Chair provides the interest, input and perspective of faculty from across the university. The Chair also reports on the discussions and plans made by the councils to the Faculty Senate. The Chair may draw feedback from the Faculty Senate Research Committee, which includes faculty from 15 or more departments across the entire UAB campus.