Since 1980, UAB has administered a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that provides funds to support a summer research program for UAB medical students. This summer research fellowship program provides opportunities for those students interested in biomedical research to get hands-on experience in a research project. Along with the valuable research experience obtained from this program, you will also receive a stipend of $1,948 a month for research participation during the summer. The goal of this training program is to introduce medical students to the principles of scientific experimentation, the proper methods of data analysis, and the interpretation and application of research results. The ultimate goal is to provide trainees with an understanding and appreciation of the biomedical research process to enhance their practice of medicine and to encourage at least some members of this group of students to pursue careers in academic medicine.

As part of this summer program, students will be required to complete an RCR training plan. The proposed plan is a blended approach that combines on-line instruction and in-person training components. Students can expect training in such topics as hypothesis generation and testing, research ethics, outcomes in clinical and basic science research, human and animal welfare issues, conflicts of interest, and research compliance. Your summer research may also be used as a springboard for the required ‘scholarly activity.’ Whether you are interested in a career in academic medicine or biomedical research, or simply want to have a feel for what “doing” research is all about, I encourage you to participate in this program and take advantage of this unique opportunity that may not be available at any other time in your career.

Robin G. Lorenz, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Physician Scientist Development
Director, Medical Student Summer Research Program
Director, Medical Scientist Training Program
Professor of Pathology and Medical Educator
(205) 934-0676