The Department of Urology is composed of more than 10 physicians and scientists, who offer the entire spectrum of clinical management of urologic problems as well as performing a broad scope of research to include both basic science and translational components.

Faculty Member
Assimos, Dean G., M.D. Complex Stone Disease, Endourology
Bryant, James E., M.D. General Urology/Stone Disease
Davis, Joseph E., M.D. General Urology
Joseph, David B., M.D.  Pediatric Urology
Kitchens, David M., M.D. Pediatric Urology
Kolettis, Peter N., M.D. Male Infertility, Microsurgery, Vasectomy Reversal
Lloyd, L. Keith, M.D. Neurourology, Female Urology, Reconstruction, Impotence
Nix, Jeffrey W., M.D. Urologic Oncology
Rais-Bahrami, Soroush, M.D.
Urologic Oncology
Sudarshan, Sunil, M.D. Urologic Oncology, Molecular basis of renal cancer
Wilson, Tracey S., M.D. Neurourology, Female Urology/Incontinence, Reconstruction