The Shipping with Dry Ice course is required for anyone that who is mailing shipments refrigerated with solid carbon dioxide (dry ice).

If you choose to ship a package using Dry Ice, International and Federal requirements dictate that you must be trained to do so every two years, or if regulations change. Additional training may be required depending on the samples/materials that are being shipped with dry ice.

Failure to properly pack and ship materials is a violation of the law and is punishable with fines and/or imprisonment.

At the conclusion, participants should be able to:
  1. Identify and use the United Nations (UN) Classification and Proper Shipping Names (PSN) for dry ice.
  2. Pack any primary, secondary containment, or overpack boxes correctly.
  3. Mark and label any shipping packages correctly.
  4. Complete a Shipper’s Declaration properly.
  5. Follow all safety guidelines to avoid any accidents or injuries.
A BlazerID or XIAS account is required to register for and take the course.

Registration: Follow these registration instructions.
A copy of the completed training certificate must be maintained in the laboratory files and presented to the proper authorities upon request.

Once you pass the assessment for the course, you may go to the My Transcript tab and located the course link. Once you click on the link, you will see another link that brings up your certificate for the course. Choose File, Print to print it.

Below you will find reference material and job aids to assist you in shipping with dry ice. After completing the course, feel free to return here and print any of the material you find useful.

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