Learn how to manage controlled substances (CS) inventory, log sheets, and maintain an on-site Usage Log Book.

CS inventory is managed through the CSUA Web application. PIs must also maintain a current CS Usage Log Book made available for periodic audits by the DEA or UAB CS Staff. The Log Books are required to be stored in the approved storage cabinet with the controlled substances when not being used. Each PI that is issued a CSUA will receive Usage Log book/binders appropriate for the CS Schedules being used. Each log book or binder is divided into labeled sections for maintaining the required legal documents for using controlled substances at UAB. The log book contains important documents pertaining to your CSUA including a CSUA summary, the Usage Log sheets accounting for the dispensation of each CS dosage unit in your inventory, signed receipts of any new CS ordered through the CS Program, and any disposal records, such as the usage logs of any CS returned to the CS Program for disposal.

Manage your CS inventory with the CSUA Web application
  1. Log into the Controlled Substances Use Authorization (CSUA) Web ApplicationEnter your Blazer ID and strong password. Once you see the CSUA Dashboard you can check and manage your inventory from here.
  2. The Inventory summary is the last tab on the right. It tracks the amount of each controlled substance on hand and the number of containers based on dilutions made, administrations recorded, waste returned etc. The Inventory tab is used for verifying that the amount of controlled substance on hand matches the amount on the written dispensing logs. This data is also used to submit required quarterly inventories and the DEA biennial inventory.
  3. The Stock Materials tab lists both the controlled substance ordered and any dilutions made from the CS along with the container ID. The container ID must be on every bottle and must match the one on the dispensing log.  After entering a new dilution into the system select this tab to get the new container ID. The new dilution and ID will be in bold letters.
  4. The Dispensing/Use tab is used to generate new container IDs for dilution bottles, for recording administrations, for documenting and witnessing waste and for requesting a CS Waste pickup.
On-site Usage Log Book
  • Keep separate Usage Log books for Schedule I-II substances and Schedule III-V substances.
  • File copies of these documents in the log book:
    • Your Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) summary
      • The summary should list current authorized personnel having access to CS in your lab
      • It should also contain a list of the drugs you have been approved to work with by your Department Chairman under your protocols or projects.
    • A copy of all requisitions signed by the PI for the purchase of CS
    • Signed receipts for CS picked up at OH&S and placed into inventory
    • All CS usage log sheets (see below)
    • Any other documents related to CS disposal, witnessed losses, etc.(which have to reported to CS Manager).
  • Secure the CS Usage Log book under lock and key with controlled substances.
Usage Log Sheets

CS Program provides a Usage Log Sheet for each CS container when the item is initially picked up. The sheet is pre- printed with the PI Name, PI’s CSUA #, Drug Name, unique Container ID number, Concentration, starting amount and date. Each container is also labeled with the Pis last name, the unique container Identification number, and barcode for ease of inventory documentation. Do not transfer a CS from the original container for storage purposes. Keep it in the original container.

Do not loan any Controlled Substances to another PI. Investigators should keep a 3 to 6 months supply in inventory. If for some reason a PI is in emergency need of a controlled substance for an animal then contact one of the Animal Resources veterinarians for assistance. They cannot transfer any CS to the PI however they may be able to relieve the emergency situation.

The Controlled Substances Use Authorization Web Application uses the container ID and will automatically send the PI and secondary contact a notice 30 days in advance that a CS is about to expire. The default expiration date for dilutions is 30 days and must be written on the dilution bottle along with the concentration when the bottle is made.

Dilutions: If you are planning on making a dilution from a stock bottle (with barcode label on it) then you will need to generate a new container ID and use a new log sheet to track doses. Before going to the animal area, select the Dispensing/Use Tab and select the +Add New Use link located at the top of the table on the right. When the CS Dispensing/Use Log Entry Form appears, select the stock CS you wish to use from the Container ID drop down menu. Then select Dilution from Use Type menu and click Submit. The container ID of the stock bottle will appear on the new page along with other needed information. Do not use the Hub Loss or # Needle changes here but enter the amount of CS used in the displayed units. Then enter the final volume of the dilution and click Submit. Select the Stock Materials tab to view the new container ID, concentration and expiration date in Bold on the new page. This information must be recorded on the new log sheet and on a new label for the dilution bottle. Be sure to indicate on the log sheet for the stock bottle the dose withdrawn was used to make a dilution and reference the new ID used on the new bottle and log sheet. Keep the new log sheet in the binder along with the stock CS. Both bottles will appear in your Inventory tab

Record routine use on the log sheet:
  • Enter each dispensation of CS on the log sheet at the time of use. The amount of CS in the lab must equal the amount recorded on the current log sheet at all times.
  • If using CS on large animals, include the animal identification number in the "reason for use" section.
  • Track Buprenorphine  or other CS that come as a box with 5 or 10 single-use ampoules on 1 log sheet.
Record empty or broken vials on the log sheet:
  • If a CS container breaks, enter it on the log sheet, initialed by the individual responsible for the accident and co-signed by another authorized person or the PI.
  • Send an electronic copy of all finished log sheets for empty or broken containers to the CS Program manager.
  • Retain log sheets in your Usage Log Book for a minimum of 2 years after complete use of container contents or disposal by CS Program.
flag redImportant: Report log discrepancies, suspected misuse, or theft
to the CS Program manager, 205-934-2487, immediately.