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At 5pm on Wednesday, February 10, the BIO304 course will be closing for updates.

If you do not finish the course by that date and time, you will have to start from the beginning.

The course will reopen at 8am on Friday, February 12, 2016.

DDC4: Defensive Driving Training

UAB requires all employees, except UAB police, who operate a UAB vehicle as part of his or her regular duties to attend the Defensive Driving Course 4 (OHS-DDC4) course once every three years. New employees should attend the course within 90 days of employment and every three years after that.


GS400: Building Life Safety

This training is intended for building administrators and/or department heads, or their designees, who have responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment. The course takes about 20 minutes and can be paused and restarted if you get interrupted. It is designed to help you recognize and comply with Life Safety Code requirements in the operation of their buildings/departments.


GS600: Scissor Lift Safety Policy Training Course

Welcome to the Scissor Lift Safety (GS600) Policy Training Course. This training is for all individuals who operate or go up in scissor lifts as a part of their duties. This course is to provide general basic training, both online and live, so those individuals using scissor lifts will be prepared to work safely in and outdoors in various situations.


HS001: UAB Golf/Utility Cart Operation Program

Golf/Utility Cart Operation Program at UAB: All utility cart operators must complete Golf-Utility Cart Safety training. Any person currently operating a cart as of the effective date of the program (August 1, 2009) will have 30 days to complete the required training.


HS200: Hazard Communication

It is required for all lab personnel and is recommended for everyone.

It is designed to teach employees:
  • how to recognize hazardous materials in the workplace,
  • where to get information about them,
  • how to read and properly label hazardous materials, and
  • what to do in case of emergencies involving hazardous materials.


NSC15: 15 Passenger Van Safety

The UAB Vehicle Safety Committee in cooperation with the University Safety Committee is providing safety training for all personnel who operate UAB 15-passenger vans. 

This course trains 15 passenger van operators how to safely load and transport personnel reducing or eliminating known hazards with 15 passenger vans. Additionally, this course enlightens operators of additional skills needed to load and transport cargo safely. You are required to take 15 Passenger Van Training only one time.