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Vision Science is a multidisciplinary field where basic scientists and clinicians focus on the discovery of new knowledge that will further our understanding of the eye and vision. This discovery includes virtually every scientific discipline where advances come from biologists, neuroscientists, optical engineers, epidemiologists, psychologists, optometrists, physicians and others.

The Vision Science Graduate Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham provides comprehensive training for the next generation of leaders in vision science. Your decision to pursue graduate training in this program will place you at the center of one of the nation’s top biomedical research institutions and will immerse you in collaborative multidisciplinary research environment that is today’s model for biomedical research leadership. Moreover, our training environment will present opportunities for creative career paths such as dual degree programs with business, law and public health that will allow you to position yourself for a career as unique as your individual talents and interests.

The Vision Science Graduate Program website provides information regarding our academic curriculum, faculty members, and research themes. We are currently updating the information on these pages, so please check back frequently for updates. If you have questions or would like additional information about programs or applications for admission, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Twa, OD, PhD
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
UAB School of Optometry