Clinical Pathology

We do not currently offer hematology and serum chemical analyses as routine services.
We suggest the laboratories below.  If these don't suit your needs, contact us.

Charles River Laboratories
Tests offered are listed on page 64 of CRL’s 2013 catalog of research models and services at

Submission forms can be downloaded from

Samples submitted through CPL may be eligible for a discount. Contact Emily Helman for more information and/or assistance.

ANTECH Diagnostics GLP
also offers a wide range of services including hematology and clinical chemistry.

UAB Division of Nephrology O’Brien Center

Serum creatinine in rodents is overestimated by picric acid methods (Meyer MH et al. Anal Biochem 144: 285-290, 1985; Jung K et al. J Clin Chem Clin Biochem 25:357-361, 1987). An improved method developed by Dr. Dan Sharer is available through the O'Brien Center Core C Bioanalytical Resource.

Dan Sharer, PhD
(205) 996-4799

UAB Diabetes Research and Training Center Physiology Core Laboratory

The DRTC Physiology Core Laboratory performs analyses for lipids, insulin, glucose, leptin, and selected other hormones related to nutrition and metabolism. Contact the Director for further information.

Barbara Gower, PhD