CPL histology services include

Routine and special paraffin processing, embedding, and sectioning (See the special processing & embedding page for examples.)
Frozen sections
Routine and special stains (See the special stains page for examples.)
Please note

We are unable to perform necropsies for research purposes. If you need information about animal necropsy and tissue collection procedures, please see the tissue submission pages, the Web resources on the links page, and the sources listed on the references page. We can also provide training. Contact the Director to make arrangements.

If you need help with animal pathology techniques or histopathologic interpretation of changes in animal tissues, contact the Director.

Although we make many frozen and unstained paraffin sections for immunohistochemistry (IHC), at this time we do not have the personnel to perform IHC procedures themselves. If you need help with IHC or are looking for a lab to do IHC for you, please contact the Director.

Submission of tissues
Please see the Tissue submission pages for instructions and guidelines to ensure that your tissues are processed in a proper and timely manner. CPL personnel are available to provide further information if needed. Turnaround time depends on workload but is usually less than five business days. For submissions involving fresh tissue or a large number of specimens, please provide at least 24 hours prior notice.

Histology request instructions

Histology Request Form (*.pdf)

Histology Request Form (*.doc)