We are committed to providing quality work. If it isn’t done right, we'll do what we can to make it so. If your request is for a procedure with which our technicians aren’t familiar, we’ll let you know before processing the samples, and either try to develop the necessary expertise or refer you to another laboratory. If we try something new to us and aren’t successful, you will not be charged.

We can’t be responsible if we don’t receive clear written instructions, or for circumstances beyond our control. Tissues improperly handled before we receive them can’t provide optimal results, and the morphologic quality of cryosections can’t rival that of paraffin sections of formalin fixed tissue.

There are many variables involved in histology, and protocols vary among laboratories, so if you’re not familiar with our recommendations and methods, please ask before you submit any samples. Above all, do not submit critical or irreplaceable samples until you’ve determined that the results will be satisfactory.

We may decline submissions if we think the requested procedure may not provide the results needed and/or result in damage to, or loss of, the specimen.

Services are provided on a “first come, first served” basis only.

We must have a valid account number before services can provided.

Charges are billed as monthly totals by the Animal Resources Program. Itemized statements are available on request.

We complete each job as soon as possible without sacrificing quality, but we cannot guarantee turnaround times, because the work load due to research submissions varies, and because animal health related work must have priority.

Diagnostic cases and samples related to animal health concerns must be submitted through an Animal Resources Program Clinical Veterinarian or Animal Health Technician.

We are not a commercial or contract laboratory and do not accept samples from sources other than the Animal Resources Program or UAB investigators or their collaborators.

Contact the Director for further information about CPL policies.