Other Services

In addition to histologic and clinical pathologic services, the CPL provides parasitologic, microbiologic, serologic, and PCR testing services in support of UAB's animal care and health surveillance programs. If such services are needed to support a research project, contact the Director about availability and fees.

• Fecal flotation
• Direct fecal examination
• Tape test for pinworms or pelage mites
• Fur pluck for pelage mites
• Skin scraping for ectoparasites
• Evaluation of blood samples for hemoparasites

• Autoclave sterilization controls
• Bacterial culture, identification, and antibiotic sensitivity (commercial laboratory)
• Fungal culture and identification (commercial laboratory)

Serologic testing is done by commercial laboratories. Available are panels of tests for rodent or primate viruses, as well as individual agents. More information is on the health surveillance page.

PCR testing is done by commercial laboratories. Such testing is used when reliable serologic tests aren't available, if the animals being tested are immunodeficient, or when the agent doesn't evoke a detectable antibody response or induces a delayed response. Many different tests are available. Tests for Helicobacter spp. and rodent viruses such as parvoviruses and norovirus are among the most commonly done.