Research Support

Research animal histology
Histology services are the most used. If you need such services for your research, please see the Histopathology page at left for specific information, or contact us. If we can't provide what you need, we'll try to help you find someone who can.

Clinical pathology
Information regarding sources of clinical laboratory services is provided on the Clinical pathology page. Contact the director for further information.

Other services
Parasitologic, microbiologic, serologic, and PCR testing of research animal samples are provided primarily to support UAB's animal care and health surveillance programs, but if there is a potential need for such services for your research, contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you're looking for consultation about animal pathologic techniques, or for a veterinary pathologist to help you phenotype mutant mice or evaluate tissue changes in research animals, please contact the Director about collaborative arrangements.

Animal pathology cores
If you're planning a program project with an animal pathology core, we may be able to provide the services you need without your having to request funds to equip a histology lab. Contact the Director to discuss your needs.

Grant applications
Documentation of availability of our services and expertise could strengthen grant applications for projects involving animal histology or pathology. If you'd like to include such information in an application, please contact the Director for a letter and/or a description of available resources.

If you use our services, please acknowledge us in your publications.