ARP Faculty and Staff Listings

Offices Animal Resource Program (ARP) ARP Faculty and Staff Listings

ARP Faculty and Staff Listings

Veterinary and Administrative Staff​
Includes contacts for the Director of the ARP, ARP Veterinarians, Operations Manager, Physical Plant Manager, and ARP General Contact

Occupational Health and Staff Training​
Includes contacts for hazardous materials and staff training and education

Billing and Procur​ement of Animals​
Includes contacts for procurement of animals, animal resources billing statements, personnel and employment, shipping and receiving

Veterinary Staff​
Includes veterinarian and animal health technician contact information

Comparative Pathology Laboratory​
Includes contacts for the Director, the Veterinary Pathologist and CPL staff

Facilities' Managers and Supervisors​
Includes building manager contact information including pager and fax information

Health Surveillance and Animal Transfers
Includes veterinarian and transfer coordinator contact information

Surgery/Pharmacy Services
Includes veterinarian and surgery/pharmacy staff information​​​​​​