Human Physiology Core

Because diabetes is both a metabolic and a vascular disease, the Human Physiology Core was designed to promote interactions and collaborations oriented towards better understanding the pathophysiology of diabetes and cardiometabolic disease risk. To this end, the Human Physiology Core incorporates and combines expertise and technology for assessment of hormones and other analytes in both humans and animal models; body composition and fat distribution; insulin sensitivity and substrate metabolism; energy expenditure; and cardiovascular function. Assessments provided by the core are direct, sophisticated, state-of-the-art measures that utilize the most current technology available. Access to these services and technologies is designed to facilitate a sophisticated, multidisciplinary, and comprehensive approach to diabetes research and to provide common ground for collaboration and training.

Director Barbara Gower, Ph.D.: 934-4087,

Co-Director Bradley Newcomer, Ph.D.: 934-3870 or 934-2004,

Co-Director David Calhoun, M.D.: 934-4633 or 934-9835,