Office of Interprofessional Simulation for Innovative Clinical Practice

The Office of Interprofessional Simulation is a joint venture between UAB Schools and the UAB Health System. The primary role of the Office is to provide interprofessional simulation experiences, focusing on patient safety and quality as well as consulting support to strengthen current simulation activities. The Office is available to all departments at UAB and all clinical units within the UAB Health System. Support services include faculty development, simulation education, learner outcome tracking, and assistance purchasing simulation technology.

Some examples of Office supported activities:
  • Simulations to complement basic science curricula
  • Interprofessional simulations (Medicine, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Social Work)
  • Team training
  • Resuscitation (in lab and in-situ)
  • Procedural training (airway management, invasive line placement, ultrasound, and others)
If you are interested in utilizing simulation education in your course or program, or if you need assistance in further developing existing simulation programs, please contact the Office of Interprofessional Simulation at