• Birmingham Big Battle - Callie Wilson(c) vs Shaheed & DJ Supreme

    Jared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

    Before we get to the "tale of the tape", perhaps its best to fill you in on what kind of showdown we've got here.

    Birmingham Big Battle is a 1v1, winner stays on competition between some of the best local artists and bands. Each week, the champion takes on a new challenger, with the winner decided via voting from our listeners on Twitter (@blazeradio, in case you were wondering). Voting runs through to the next Wednesday, where we'll announce the champ on that week's show.
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  • De La Soul appeals to young souls of the ‘90s

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsPhoto courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsJared Chestnut - Staff Writer

    We find strange times in 2016 as a society that is rapidly becoming more and more obsessed with nostalgia for the ‘90s.
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  • R. Kelly brings Buffet of sounds

    Thousands of people attend R. Kelly's concert in the BJCCThousands of people attend R. Kelly's concert in the BJCCSurabhi Rao - Features Editor

    R. Kelly’s rescheduled concert brought thousands of people to the BJCC on Friday, Sept. 16.

    The renowned hip-hop and R&B artist stopped in Birmingham as a part of his Buffet Tour 2016, showcasing a few of his latest hits with a sprinkle of what people call his “old favorites.”
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  • ‘That’s okay, I’ll let the anaphylaxis kill me’

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightAaron Stuber - Opinions Columnist

    For many college-aged students, the cost of prescription drugs does not cross their minds, as many either do not buy them themselves or they do not need them. But for others, increasing drug prices pose a major problem.
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