• Snowpocalypse 2.0 rained out

    Casey Marley - News Editor

    WinterWonderham#WinterWonderham was only a couple of inches, but students still enjoyed the break (Photo courtesy of William Rushton).Feb. 24: students checked their phones after hearing the buzzing notifications from UAB's emergency alert system, B-Alert. The phone calls, text messages and emails notified students that classes and campus operations would be shut down due to Winter Storm Remus predictions, sitting a potential for "snow accumulations and potentially hazardous travel conditions" from the National Weather Service.
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  • Student Spotlight: Christine McBride

    Shelby K Smith – Contributor

    Christine McBride RGBChristine McBride pictured with her two dogs (Photo courtesy of Christine McBride).UAB has produced many talented and exceptional students throughout the years. Christine McBride is certainly one of the most notable.

    Over the summer, McBride worked with Dr. Derek Braun’s Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. All of the employees in this lab are either deaf or hard of hearing, so the primary form of communication is sign language. Read more...  
  • Beginner's guide to living arrangements

    Carlene Robinson – Online Editor

    Dorms v Apartments RBGMany students are determining where to live in the coming fall semester: dorm or apartment (Photo by Stephanie Lockhart).It is about time for the UAB campus housing re-application. This year, UAB is setting up the process of housing selection a bit differently by letting upperclassmen choose first. Many students, though, may be trying to decide if a dorm is still right for them.
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  • Tour spotlight: Gentlemen Rogues

    Brandon Varner – Features Editor

    Gentlemen Rogues RGBGentlemen Rogues shortly before their show (Photo by Sarah Adkins).Gentlemen Rogues certainly lean more towards the gentlemanly side of the gauge than their name would imply. The Austin, Tex. power-pop band formed in 2010, and released their first self-titled EP in 2013 on Shifting Sounds, a label based in Austin. It was a quick process to form the band initially.
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