• Ebola response training readies regional responders

    IMG 1576Participants prepare for a simulation to deliver skills and knowledge to apply what they learn to daily functions and to advance communications. Photo by UAB Office of Interprofessional SimulationJohn Cole - Contributor

    UAB recently received a grant to train local healthcare and public safety workers to respond to potential outbreaks of Ebola or other infectious disease following the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

    The new program, led by Lisa McCormick, Ph.D., and Marjorie Lee White, M.D., concentrates on biosafety measures for healthcare and public safety workers in the Deep South, specifically Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle area.
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  • Panhellenic sororities gear up for recruitment week

    The Alpha Gamma Delta hand-sign. Photo courtesy of UAB’s Alpha Gamma Delta chapter.The Alpha Gamma Delta hand-sign. Photo courtesy of UAB’s Alpha Gamma Delta chapter.Tamara Imam - Managing Editor

    Hundreds of Panhellenic women across campus will today meet women from what they anticipate could be one of the largest recruitment classes in UAB history as another formal recruitment week kicks off the fall semester.

    Formal recruitment for Panhellenic sororities will take place Aug. 23-27.
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  • Remember, Remember the 8th of November

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightOliver Ocean - Contributor

    Election time is just around the corner, and with many considering this election to be the downfall of America, it doesn’t seem like too long ago when people swore that the fibers holding this country together would deteriorate under the leadership of our first Black president, Barack Obama.

    While not all of his measures reached the desired effect many were hoping for, his policies — especially in social medicine — took a critical step in the right direction. With this in mind, it’s important for us to note what leadership will be best for the nation. Which leader will fill the vacant Supreme Court seat with the most level-headed judge? Which leader will improve foreign relations and create a viable working world? Which leader will spread tolerance and understanding, not fear and hate?
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  • Your college education is being ruined by unnecessary rules

    The Board of Trustees makes the rules. Photo by Sarah FaulknerThe Board of Trustees makes the rules. Photo by Sarah FaulknerWallace Golding - Contributer

    I resent the American collegiate education system, but not for the reasons many of you may think. It is not the outrageous cost of my education that angers me, nor is it the rampant corruption that seems to have taken university officials by storm. Rather, it is the overriding and counterintuitive themes of censorship and political correctness on college campuses that I find so irritating. Speech codes and free speech zones are components of a broken machine, and they are ruining your college education.

    Before I go any further, I want to be clear that I am in no way advocating for the use of discriminatory speech on college campuses or anywhere else in society. I do not condone the practice of derogatory or slanderous language, and I am not suggesting that we all abandon our personal filters.

    Instead, I am proposing that we all reconsider why we spend thousands of dollars each year on tuition.
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