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USGA Weekly Spotlight

 2014 11 06 Metzlerrotate       

Meet Andrew Metzler: a veteran of USGA and the current Chief of Staff.

Metzler is a third year senior majoring in Health Care Management. He has served on USGA in several different capacities for the three years he has attended UAB. As a first year student, he served on Freshman Forum, and as a second year student, he was a Senator for the School of Health Professions. This year, he was appointed Chief of Staff and oversees the Executive Branch. As Chief of Staff, Metzler organizes, administrates, and otherwise manages the Executive Branch. “USGA has nearly 100 people, so a lot goes into making each program and each initiative happen successful, and I do my best to make sure that everyone has the tools and resources necessary to make them happen,” said Metzler. In addition to his central role in USGA, Metzler is also a member of the Global Community Leadership Honors and the School of Health Professions Honors programs, and Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He is also the Director of the Lecture Series, sponsored by the Office of Student Activities. This year, Metzler coordinated lectures by ABC News Coordinator John Quiñones and Judy Shepard, the mother of the late Matthew Shepard. After graduation, he plans to continue on to graduate school to pursue a Masters in Health Administration.  Metzler believes that the skills he has gained from his years of involvement with USGA will be advantageous in his future career. “Organization, administration, and leadership can relate to any career or field, but it particularly what I’m interested in,” said Metzler.