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USGA Weekly Student Spotlight

2014 10 28 CAS Senators

In an effort to bridge the gap between USGA and the students whom it represents, College of Arts and Sciences Senators Emilee Anders and Sarah Griffin were on hand last week to address students’ concerns.

Anders, Griffin, and their fellow CAS senators set up a table in front of the Commons on the Green where students could come and write down their concerns in exchange for free USGA cups, stickers, and shakers. The main issues that students had concerned the new meal plan system, parking, and, in light of the recent 16th Street parking deck and University House incidents, campus safety.

“I think the program was successful because we got the USGA name out there. Not all the students really cared, they just wanted the free stuff. But I do think for the minority of students who did have genuine concerns, it was encouraging for them to know that someone is working on their behalf to address their concerns,” Anders said.

Anders noted that while the majority of students’ concerns will take longer than a year to resolve, she and her fellow senators are currently working to adjust library hours, which was another commonly voiced issue. For the long-term, Griffin has a number of ideas she would like to see implemented for future CAS students.

“For CAS students, I really would like to see areas of study that are merely concentrations to be made into majors, better buildings and classrooms, and increased interactions with the CAS Dean and more of an openness with that office,” Griffin said.

Anders and Griffin have been a part of USGA for two consecutive years, both having served on freshman forum last year.

“I decided to run for senate last spring because I felt I know a lot of students and their concerns and if I'm in a position to do something about it, I really want to. Also, my major is political science and I plan to run for public office one day so naturally Senate is right up my alley!” Griffin said.

“I love UAB! I bleed green and gold! I want to make a positive change on this campus and know that I was a part of that, regardless of how small it is.” Anders said.