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A Statement Regarding the Return of Football, Bowling & Rifle

Today, June 1st, 2015, President Ray Watts publicly announced that the football, bowling, and rifle programs will return to UAB. This is an enormously exciting announcement, and one that comes from the culmination of months of effort from countless members of the student body, faculty, alumni, and the Birmingham community. The 2014 – 2015 USGA Administration worked tirelessly from the moment the December decision was made; we simply picked up where they left off. We are very thankful for everyone who has given time or money in hopes of returning these sports. Support for UAB athletics is at an all-time high, and we hope to see this support continue as efforts to reestablish these programs are undertaken. Together, the UAB and Birmingham community have made their voices heard, and we believe that UAB will benefit in many ways as a result of this decision. We look forward to ongoing discussions with UAB administration regarding athletics and future decisions that affect the undergraduate students of this great university. Thanks to everyone who has supported USGA’s efforts, and we look forward to the future.

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 Statement Regarding Meeting with Administrators About the Upcoming Decision Pertaining to Football, Bowling, and Rifle

Today, May 28th, 2015, members of the Undergraduate Student Government Association met with key members of the UAB Administration in preparation for the upcoming announcement regarding the decision facing the future of the football, bowling, and rifle programs at UAB. The attending members of the administration were Athletics Director Mark Ingram, Provost Dr. Linda Lucas, Vice President of Financial Affairs Allen Bolton, and President Dr. Ray Watts. The administration presented the numbers needed to reinstate and sustain these sports and the amount already raised. Though current donations have not yet reached the threshold needed for the success of these programs, the USGA is continuously optimistic about the philanthropy efforts and the growing chances that UAB will see the return of these sports. The administration was open to answering the numerous questions the USGA administration posed and were also open about the future possibility of returning these sports. The USGA urges everyone who is able to commit a pledge to these programs using the gift form available on our website, The USGA is looking forward to the June 1st announcement and moving forward together with the City of Birmingham, faculty, alumni, and administration.

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Student Fee Allocation Breakdown

It is this Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) administration’s continued effort to be transparent in all aspects of the student experience at UAB. One of the questions that has continuously arisen pertains to student fees and how they are allocated. After meeting with Kim Fort (, Director of Finance and Budget, USGA now has a better understanding of where these fees go. The following is a breakdown of these fees and their respective allocations. For General Academic students (College of Arts and Sciences, Schools of Business, Education, and Engineering), the first credit hour of tuition is $510 and each subsequent hour is $295. For students in Health (Schools of Health Professions, Nursing, and Public Health), the initial hour of coursework is $566 and each subsequent hour is $351. This $295 or $351 per credit hour is further broken down and distributed to the respective school, scholarships, student health and wellness, and academic support.

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Official Statement in Regard to CSS Report

After analyzing the completed CSS Report on the feasibility of reinstating and sustaining the football, bowling, and rifle programs at UAB, the Undergraduate Student Government Association supports the National Alumni Society and all other stakeholders in publicly call- ing for these three sports to return. We are extremely grateful for the hard work of the Athletics Assessment Task Force and the countless hours that the student, faculty, and alumni members committed to ensuring that there is adequate financial support to return football, bowling, and rifle. USGA is also grateful for the amazing amount of pledges by public and private donors. We are confident that there will be continued donor support in the coming days and that all questions on whether these three sports are feasible will be put to rest. As the National Alumni Society and College Sports Solutions both state, these programs are integral to a holistic student life experience and vitally important to current and prospective students. It is our mission to be the collective voice of the undergraduate student body and we strongly urge that football, bowling, and rifle return to UAB.

- President Garrett Stephens
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 Additional Support for the Reinstatement of Football, Bowling, and Rifle

     Today, May 12, 2015, the Undergraduate Student Government Association Senators approved a resolution stating that there is student support to increase student fees by $25 a semester to reinstate football, bowling, and rifle. This increase, based on 11,000 undergraduate students, would result in an annual amount of $550,000 for the fall and spring terms. Though the passing of this resolution cannot be enacted without the implementation by the administration, it demonstrates that there is support not only from the city of Birmingham, faculty, and alumni, but also from students. We hope that this sends a strong message to administration and all those watching UAB during this time that those who want change are not just a vocal few. I applaud our amazing group of senators for taking time out of their busy summers to reach out to their respective constituents and answer their questions while asking their own. I look forward to working with this diligent group as this administration moves forward.

- Garrett Stephens, USGA President

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To View Resolution, SU-01-15: Additional Support for Reinstatement of Football, Bowling and Rifle, click 

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