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USGA Weekly Spotlight: Swetha Surianarayanan

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Swetha Surianarayanan is a Freshman Forum Director for USGA. A senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering, Swetha is involved on campus with Alpha Xi Delta, the University Honors Program, and as a Research Assistance in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Fun Fact: She’s seen every episode of Friends at least twice!

Swetha will be graduating in April and starting in the Master of Biomedical Innovation and Development Program at Georgia Tech in the fall. After that, she plans to work for a medical device company in Atlanta. We know Swetha has a bright and promising future ahead of her and we are proud of her accomplishments in USGA over her undergraduate career!

Pave the Way

hill student center pave banner

For only $100, you can reserve your place in this facility’s history by purchasing a paver to be included in a common area of the new building. A limited number of pavers are available. All proceeds will benefit the USGA Student Emergency Loan Fund to assist students in need.

Complete the online form to order your personalized paver.
To purchase an engraved brick for the new student center click here.

For more information, contact Cara Dawn Jones, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership at 205-934-8020 or caradawn@uab.edu

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